How is ranked ELO calculated?

My friends and I are all gold, we just played a team ranked game against a diamond player. AOE4world has all of us listed with a higher 3v3 ELO than the diamond player. I am v confused.

I was gold III/platinum I last season, and I performed my solo rankeds and got paired with diamond 3’s, a conqueror, and a platinum, guess which is the only match I’ve won? The platinum guy.

Now I am gold I, lmao.

Almost I hope I get easy matches now til I reach my rank, but happened to me the last season I started gold III and was everytime paired with platinum high and diamonds, and took me a lot to reach platinum…

I don’t know how rank is calculated, but I played 5 matches, the whole matches against diamond highs and conqueror I lost, and the match against a platinum II I won, from that, I can see that my rank is between gold III - Platinum II, but game puts me in gold I.

And now I will get paired with diamonds, and then I’ll be in silver, being paired with diamonds XD

EDIT: Just got paired against a platinum II, being me at gold I, won, and got 45 points. I think this is a lot of points.

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My understanding is that it uses the traditional ELO algorithm which you can see published here: Elo rating system - Wikipedia Look under the formula for performance rating.

It’s not surprising you’re confused. The game has two concepts - ELO and rank points.

ELO, which is not made visible to the player in the game, works broadly like all other ELO-style systems used in computer games. Matchmaking uses your ELO. The only place I’m aware of where you can see your ELO is AoE4 World.

Rank points are used to determine which level of season rewards you receive, and they are a function of both your ELO and the number of games you’ve played. It isn’t completely clear exactly how they work, but the most common scenario seems to be that rank points are lower than your ELO at first, and gradually catch up to it over tens of games played. If you play multiple team modes, and are above average, you can take your rank points significantly above your ELO, because you can farm rank points separately from each mode. What this means is that two people who are very different in terms of rank can actually have the same ELO.

IMO it would be much less confusing if the game made ELO the primary measure that is displayed to the player, and used a different term such as “season reward level earned” for the gradual earning of increased season rewards with games played. E.g. here is part of a screenshot of Rocket League where my ELO is champion, but I have so far only earned bronze season rewards.

It’s quite clear from that, along with the display of champion for the game mode, what is happening and that I simply need to win more games to increase my season reward level. Nobody ever thinks in this situation that bronze is their ELO, unlike the confusion caused by the information AoE4 gives to players. The information AoE4 gives to players is the equivalent of only showing bronze in the above screenshot, and completely hiding the champion ELO from the player.