How is the matching of servers in Ranked with players from different regions?

Hello, I am from Santiago de Chile, a country located almost at the southern tip of South America, a region that is poorly privileged to be close to the game servers. When I play with players from Asia I have my doubts regarding which server they locate, I think I understand. that when players from different regions face each other, they look for the most optimal server for the 2 players, but I really feel that this is not the case. Because when I play with players from Asia, they should place us on the European server, I imagine, but Europe suits me. It goes to 217 (Ms) which is good, it is not a good ping but for me it is playable, but in reality when I play with players from Asia the gameplay is almost unplayable for me due to the lag. There is a player called piropiro who is Japanese, who It usually happens, whenever I play against him, the lag is extremely horrible, my closest server is Brazil with 80(ms). It’s really frustrating because you can’t do a good micro. I regularly see gameplays of high elo players. For me, it’s incredible that the attack movement is instantaneous, but sometimes even playing on the east coast of the US, I feel like it is lagging, my internet is not bad since I have fiber optics and I don’t have packet loss, so I really don’t understand why sometimes the game It’s going that bad or how is the issue of servers against players from other regions?

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