How is the scenario editor?

I was kinda let down by all the bugs the scenario editor/map creator had in AOE2DE, also by the lag when sizing up the map.
How is this one? Do triggers work correctly? Visuals (like butterflies etc.) display correct?
This is comming from someone who really likes to pay attention to details.

It looks same as in original game, not sure about old/new bugs with editor


Yeah looks the same, with the DEVELOPER tab (maybe was in the original as well)

But there shouldn’t be any major problem at all. Aoe3 normal editor was way more powerful and stable than aoe2 de, probably even more confusing at first though.

Here you have more control as it is 3d and you can move the camera (ctrl + arrows to move it horizontally) all the way to hell or space and there is an option to ignore units placement (for example, can’t place boat outside water, can’t place a unit on other unit) so you can place anything you want where you want.

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Modify protounit still doesn’t work


That’s lovely to hear, thanks!
Might give it a try if a few friends of mine are willing to play AOE3DE too.

Anyone could share the list or screenshots of all the animals in the game? Tapirs, Capybaras, etc?

In what sense? Whenever I use it, it seems to work fine. Curious if it’s just on some certain units or buildings?

Doesn’t change attack, doesn’t change bonus vs units, and still leftover options from aom editor are there.

Grouppings crash the game
xs debugger doesn’t log nor read aiechoes, nor it tells me where a problem has occured within the script
Fakeify player window can use names I input than only be limited to strings
Cliff transitioning from higher to lower is still counterintuitive where you have to use elevation overwrite tool and guess height of each terrain so the slope is not too weird
Custom trigger support seems to be 50-50 functional from old custom triggers when me porting them
Still no custom Campaign support.

Sry, can someoner help me please? I´ve made a map in the editor but cant figure out how to get it to run in a basic skirmish… The szenario runs great but i dont know why it does not show up in custom szenarios.

You can never play any Scenarios in Skirmish.