How long does it take your AoE2DE to start?

Out of curiosity, I wonder how long it takes others to start their game.

It takes me consistently 2 minutes not including cinematics. I timed it just now and it took 2 minutes and 11 seconds, from clicking start in Steam to being in the main menu (yes I skip the cinematics as fast I can). That time is almost twice as long as my system boot time and the game is installed on the same SSD which has some 5gbps read time according to manufacturor so I find it bit peculiar and am wondering whether it is actually normal for the game to take that long to start.

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As of this post, it took me 2 minutes and 20 seconds to load. I have the game on my HDD as I try to keep most things off my SSD due to limited space. I remember reading a similar thread and supposedly it’s due to having multiple mods installed, even if those mods are disabled the game apparently reads the memory upon loading and checks if those mods are enabled anyway. Even putting the game on an SSD makes no difference.

I could be wrong as I don’t remember word for word but that’s the gist of the topic - either way it’s quite annoying and I hope this gets looked at, much like how AoE3DE now has faster download/unpacking times with the optimisation of its BAR files with a recent update.

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Less than 1 minute from clicking Start on screen to the main screen of the game. Loading time seems fine to me. I’m using Linux so not sure if that makes things better or worse for my case.

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How long does your game take to start?
  • Less than a minute
  • 1 Minute
  • 2 Minutes
  • More than 5 Minutes
  • Never

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Poll on the subreddit ( suggests it takes most people less than half a minute

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For me it takes 27seconds
(Sata SSD, AMD Ryzen 5900X, several Mods installed). It took longer on my old PC (same SSD/Mods, slower CPU). The CPU needs to unpack and direct the files it loads. Therefore it also affects your loading time.

I have 3 nicks, the one with more game takes more time to start, despite i erase the saved games i think it has something to do with loading the player stats.

35 seconds for the account with less games played, main nick takes 1 min and 25 seconds.

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I havent measure the time, but i think it is less then 30 seconds.
I have a shortcut, so i click on the shortcut. So this also includes starting up Steam as well.

You are smurfing?!

it used to take less than half a minute back at relaese until the febuaray patch in 2020. Since then it takes more than 5 minutes. Never found a solution, even asked on the troubleshooting steam forum and some mod answered to no avail.

It takes me 35 seconds (I skip the cinematics as fast as I can, too). I am playing on my laptop and I start the game by clicking the icon on my desktop without opening Steam first. I don’t know what ‘SSD’, ‘HDD’ and other fancy terms like that mean.

I would recommend 3 things to improve load times:
-Delete the saves and recorded games that you don’t want (especially the recorded games from previous patches since those don’t even work)
-Uninstall every mod that you aren’t using, the game loads every mod at the start even if it’s disabled, so I recommend to completely uninstall a mod and then downloading it again when needed instead of disabling it
-Install the “skip intro cinematic” mod (saves you a few clicks and a small fraction of time)

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What to do with tons of auto-installing official mods? They keep getting re-subscribed and re-downloaded on their own.

Disable them from your profile screen (right below where you change your profile image)

I do believe that your game load up time is directly correlated to how many & what type of custom mods you are subscribed to.

With just the vanilla base game, with the cinematic disabled, on a m2 SSD it is less than 30 seconds.

I think this also can change based upon how long it takes for the game to talk to the server over the internet to grab the latest news etc. (so your network speed may also contribute to load times as well).

i got alot of mods. prpably the reason. but unsubbing sucks too. its great to have these subspribed to use as templates when modding myself. cant the game just ignore inactive ones on load…

With 170 mods mostly consisting of custom campaigns, definitely more than 5 minutes.

I just installed the mod to skip the intro, and removed all my mandala mods and instead subbed to a single mod that bundles them all together, and it got my load time down from 53 secs to 44 secs. That’s with it on an SSD, but a slow CPU (i7 6700T) that isn’t really fast enough to run the game well. It loads much faster on my gaming PC (5900X), where it was taking 31 secs for the same config that took 53 secs with the 6700T. So both the mods and the CPU make a difference.

I think there’s a mod by Zetnus that prevents from resubscribing to event mods.

That mod doesn’t actually prevents resub. It just provides default resource files to override those event mods. So it doesn’t reduce total size of mods, but increase it a lot (70~MB), unfortunately.

I always manually unsub (super annoying) but since 46295 I haven’t seen resub yet.

Thanks for the tip! I tested the effect, by removing about 600MB of recs. It reduces game launch time by 8 seconds (from 1’44’’ to 1’36’’). But it also reduces the Replays screen loading time from 10 seconds to 1 second. Very nice.

Using the “SKIPINTRO” launch option is even better, saving you a mod.

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