How long get to new dlc It's time to free trial and community activitiesIt cancel now

They had the Aoe2de Already obtained to new DLC The Mountain Royals.So, we have had enough of the challenges of Aoe3de free trial and community activitiesIt’s time to cancel now. I Enough We need more things like new DLC and new civilization coming soon I’m going crazy

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Man you are making me go crazy, what in god’s name is this reasoning. Just because you stop one thing you won’t get another one.

First of all the people working on AoE2 are different then AoE3 which means them obtaining a new Dlc has “nothing” to do with us.

Second why should they ever stop the free trial? You are giving people the opportunity to play three and only three civs to play and only in the lobby mode, no Automatch for them. Which is perfect because now people are able to try the game without paying for it, if they enjoy it, it’s very likely they will buy it, if not also fine, why? Because we either way have more people playing the game.
Adding to that as people already said, it’s already coded into the game, you won’t get magically more updates just because they stop this free trial.

Third, the community trials, indeed that’s one point where you are right. There should be something done about the community trials because as it stands now, we will not be able to reach them simply because we have not enough people playing the game.
The key is change them, not cancel them.

Forth, new Dlc’s and civilizations yes I’m on your side, we need new content to keep the new players but still.

I will say it now again and other people will tell you the same, just because we stop the free/community trial we won’t get more updates. If I’m not messing things up now, the AoE3 Devs are working right now on AoM which means we have to wait. Yes it sucks that there is no communication, but it doesn’t change the fact that we will have to wait.


Why on earth would they cancel a free trial?!
It’s just a demo. Too many people got all hot and bothered because they were nice enough to give access to a few other things, however it’s all still incredibly limited which is absolutely the way to do it.

Just to reiterate:

Starting today, AoE III: DE will be offering new players the opportunity to play a free trial that gives access to the following:

  • 3 civs on a rotating schedule for skirmish & multiplayer matches
  • 8 hostable maps
  • Act 1 of the Blood, Ice, and Steel campaign
  • Art of War challenges
  • And more!

Plus, all players will be able to join in on monthly global events to unlock new Hero Cosmetics!

Free Trial users don’t get:

  • All the maps
  • All the campaigns
  • All the Civs - they instead get temporary access to 3 which get rotated.

Please stop with the ridiculous requests to cancel such a good ‘tool’ to help bring in players and being rather gatekeep’ery about it!

You’re not missing out on DLC in favour of them rotating the civs. This wasn’t a huge project denying them precious resources from AOE3 content - in fact this helps paves the way for possible DLC/big updates in the long term as Trial players are potential revenue. Imagine if they announce an awesome new DLC and they give Trial users the chance to maybe play a brand new DLC civ temporarily as part of a civ rotation? That civ is going to get them interested in not just purchasing the base game, but the new DLC as well.

We all want DLC, but we also want those on the fence with AOE3 to have the opportunity in getting hooked and then helping the funds for future AOE3 stuff.


Yes You’re right. Currently, it seems that there will only be Only in this way can developers create a version from the AOM:retold for to aoe3de’s new DLCs waiting for the free version and community challenge activities to stop forever in the future

No worries :+1:

We’re all in the same boat here - you won’t find people who don’t want new content :grin:.

We just have to wait unfortunately!