How long until we can play the mods/Tuning packages (AoE4)

Hey fellas

i reeally enjoyed playing the Tuning packages with 500-1000 pop cap. (even though 1000 pop cap is way too much it was very fun)

did anyone else had the problem that at some point the units wont move anymore? (played with 1000 pop cap 2v3)

2v2 500 pop cap is playable.

do you think it will ever be playable with 8 players on 1000 pop cap?

can u change the longbow archers costs, so they cost more food then wood?

is there an exact date when they will realease the mods to the game?

The patch is announced for April 7th. Note that time zone difference can make this April 8th for you, depending on where you are located.

Popcap will probably be restricted to simply how good computers are as they have to process all that information. Changing cost of units, or even health, armor and attack damage will be basic functions in the editor that is coming. I’d not be surprised to see the first tuning packs mere hours after the patch goes life.