How many Civs in Age IV

How many civilizations will there be in Age IV? Would be disappointing if there’s only 4.

If i am not wrong, there will be 8 civ


It’s confirmed to be 8 at launch. They will sure add more, it’s part of the business to keep adding more content and DLCs with time, just like the other games.

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Do you have a source for that by any chance?

They say that the civs shown are “some of the civs”. And it’s already kind of common knowledge that there are 8 civs at launch. I forgot where exactly it’s officially said, in which interview (there are many) or video it’s confirmed. I’ll keep looking for exact sources.

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Here you can find it Link

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Thanks for your reply!

I hope we’ll get to see more soon.
I’m excited to see if there’ll be the Japanese and the Danish (Vikings basically) at launch.