How many of you guys like laming and want it to stay in the game?

Guys can we have a vote about if we want laming to be a part of the game?

After watching this new T90 commentary of mbl running around with Heras boar for 12 mins. ( I feel so bad for Hera. Anyone other than him would have gotten lamed since Heras APM is amazing.

So why is the boar so unrealistically keen on getting the unit who first hit him? I think the boar should take 2 shots to lure with scouts and should lose interest after certain distance from starting position so you must hit it 2 more times to do a full lure. That way your scout will at least have low enough HP to justify laming having down sides.

What do you guys think?

i stopped playing multiplayer partly because of this

i’m not a lamer (i consider it unsportsmanlike), so i would always be at a disadvantage versus people who would do it

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Same here I consider it very unsportsman like. And the fact that it has no downside other than being a poor sport sucks. And if at highly competitive tournament games there is no downside then we would see both sides luring so essentially every game players have to trade boars… How lame and weird would that be? (its possible to hit boar once and run without losing any hp on your scout)

So, I think that laming should exist despite not being a lamer. Let people decide their playstyle.

It’s very easy: if you dont want to have a boar lamed take them early or protect them with your scout. If i have a fwd boar i just take them early and adapt my buildorder.

Laming is part of the game and has already been nerfed (boars have more attack vs eagles/scouts), you can complain about it, but the best way is to adapt to it.


If it’s that big of a deal a lot of people would be playing Tatars to offset boar laming (since sheeps are better for them) and if laming was that strong Vietnamese would be top tier since you could lame much faster thx to reveal bonus. And what is occuring in actual games? Welp nearly no one plays Tatars and even les people play Viet.

I guess that players will always find their ways to lame on you. Some way or another you will have to deal with that is my opinion. In team games certain players could also focus and accelerate on certain aspects of this game as there are so many different builds and combinations possible and the team bonus then comes into play too.

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What about recent tournaments with no laming rule? agree?

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That’s because the behavior was changed and boar now follow with only 1 hit instead of 2. Restore the 2 hits to follow the scout, and I’d much rather allow boar stealing again.


As in football and other sports I’d say don’t hate the player, hate the game as If it’s possible to play like that its okay. Speaking as someone not lamed anybody in 50 games ranked so far but thinking about adding it sometimes as it might just be part of the game :slight_smile: In the end it makes a difference but from my realtively small amount of games I’d say not even in one I lost or won there was a pig that decided over win or loss so maybe its not that big of a Deal for some players :slight_smile:

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a good players, always tries to win an enemy, even without his two towers and his queen. That’s when he prooves to be a good player. I love to see an enemy when he steels a boar.

Thats why im hating the game right now and making this discussion about whether or not other players enjoy laming?