How many posts or requests do you need to have to nerf Mexico and Ethiopia in the treaty?

There are several posts asking for this so I won’t go on too long.
Mexico can have 3 natives who have no population and that gives them a lot of pop available to fight, either all civs have this or the natives of mexico start counting pop as in the case of germany and france.
Because it’s ridiculous that you play against a civ that already has one of the best ecos and units in the game that on top of that has almost 60 more units than you besides the natives of the maps and their technologies.
Second point that Mexico is a bizarre status check, you don’t need to play well, not even micro… Just pile tons of status and cards and native technology, train any unit and click for them to swim forward.
Chinacos has tons of status and charge atk, soldados too, salteadores, has tons of cards that deal damage, range, ms and poison dmg.
Since these units have so many resources to strengthen them, nerf their base stats, because otherwise they will turn into real monsters.
the same for Ethiopia which suffers from the same problem, but on a smaller scale because Ethiopia still has a shit eco, but there are still problems with status check and native.
Play against these two civs, you stop playing RST and start playing super triumph, because the numbers of statuses and units are so large that they win by themselves.

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Totaly agree .also i wonder they dont nerf them but either they dont buff lower italy at treaty or give at india horses and no camels.

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There are other civs that were also problematic and were nerfed to the ground, such as Sweden and the Inca (who breathe on life support today).
USA was also overpower in the treaty and it was modified, the same for Argentina and South Africa.
What I don’t understand, is why leave these two civs as they are without doing anything, Sweden and Inca were killed for much less.
There is no reason to leave these civs as they are.
If Mexico has a resource to make units monstrous, nerf them so they need this resource to be ok.
The native problem would have to affect the entire game, either all civs can have access to some native without it costing pop, or everyone should cost pop… it’s the only plausible solution I see

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a skirm with artillery range

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limit their maximum vill in treaty only mode, like 30 max. and increase by 5 max each patch till it is balanced.

The problem with decreasing the base statistics of the Mexican units is that in supremacy they could be too weak. The cost of the unit and training speed must also be considered, for example: soldiers occupy two population vacancies, they are more expensive than a musketeer and their training takes a long time: two musketeers have the same hp and more dps both at a distance like mele. It is the soldier’s area attack that makes him manage to defeat other musketeers with equal resources and even so the Janissaries defeat them with equal resources.

The fact that the Jesuits and Aztecs come to cost the population seems fair to me and I also consider that the aura of the flags should not benefit the damage of the artillery, neither for Mexico nor for the USA.

The population of holcan lancers should not be able to grow indefinitely with the Mayan revolution.

What you say that mexico is no broken???if yes.come on men be in no broken the mexico but italy that take nerf is broken snd mexico no take nothing?,

should not = shouldn’t

My point is that if they nerf Mexico, it should not be by decreasing the base statistics of its unique units, or at least not all of them.

By the way, I also consider that Italy needs improvements in the treaty.