How Many Units Could this Hero Unit take on?

How many units could this hero unit take on before finally falling in battle? I edited the unit to be super strong using scenario editor. How many units would be lost taking down this monster?

What units would be best used against him?

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the answer is “all of them” nothing does bonus damage to him, the only thing that’s gonna do more then 1 damage is maybe a treb if you’re lucky…


2-Hand Cannoneers

Worth to Mention: British Treb (with Warwolf) %100 accuracy with splash damage but it’s a little bit meme.

I suggest ranged units because they can attack at once.

A cavalry archer with hit and run can work for hours like Kipchacks. (Thanks to more arrow)

William wallace doesn’t have an armor class, so he doesn’t take bonus damage.

Oh, heros weird like Atilla can garrison into Rams. Maybe Lithuanians Leitis?

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that’s definitely the best answer but you’re still looking at…assuming you got 4 relics and full upgrades…1382 attacks to kill him. and considering he 2 shots each leitis…let’s just say its going to be a long expensive and bloody fight.


I believe regeneration is normal, not a lot like 200 hp per second. Then Leitis can work best.

If the hero unit did splash damage like a cataphract? How many units then?

its already gonna kill everything anyway.

William Wallace could be defeated by Archers or Skirmishers. As others have mentioned, William Wallace will take 1 damage from any attack, except for Trebuchets and Leitis.

If all ranged units are able to reach William Wallace, the amount of damage that he takes is proportional to N^2, where “N” is the number of units attacking him. This can be understood by noting that at first, X archers fire, but then he kills one, so X-1 keep firing, and so on…
Summing “N” times a term of size proportional to “N” leads to a quadratic shape.

Now, if only a few units managed to be in range of William Wallace, and there is enough of them. He would take a constant amount of damage, as long as you had enough units to keep him fully surrounded. You would then need to calculate the number of units necessary to keep him surrounded, and also how many units he could kill per second, such that you have replenishment.

For a few thousand dollars, I can write you a detailed 40-page report about the subject :slight_smile:

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Would many units still be lost fighting him however? Would he go down like a monster?

Let’s just say bodies don’t get removed when they die in the this scenario.

Yes, most definitely. Even if all archers had infinite range, and they fired as fast as William Wallace can kill, you would need 247 units to take him down!

For N=247, the total amount of damage would be: N*(N+1)/2 = 30628, which is slightly higher than his HP.

PS. With micro-management, it’s hard to say how many units would be necessary. With 247 units, you would still need more than 123 volleys in order to kill him…
I think we would need to make a computer simulation in Python to find out more.

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Best strat: wait for the enemy to put him in a transport ship, convert said transport ship, gg ez. A less memey method would be to try and trap him in stone walls.


200 Chukonus would maybe win

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Leitis spam says hi…

Kipchaks or Chu Ko Nu

The ship method is really good.

The walls would still be awesome, but you would need to keep repairing them, as he does 124 melee damage.