How many Vills and what time should I be ageing by?

How many Vills should I have at each Age and what should they be doing?

For Example

Say like 10 Vils. 6 on food and 4 on wood.

Also how long should it take me to age to each age?

Really depends on your civ. With the dutch, i usually go for 13~14.
The easiest idea of villagers numbers, at least until colonial, is to just keep sending vils non-stop to food until you have enough to age up.
In the end, it depends on you faction. Gonna need more info before i can make a build order.

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British is who I mostly use.

Depends on a civ and strategy. With British, you usually start aging up to II with 16-17 settlers. You can find great British guides here.

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:smiley: I tho it is the age II forum LOL LOL

Thank you again King! Huge help for me to start getting better!

It depends on the strategy you use ,most of the european civs age with 14 vills ,brits for example age with 16 vills it depends on crate spawn etc japs with 12 vills,india depends etc ,better check this link all strategies and tips at one place
And also feel free to join discord server if you need any help

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Thanks man! I’ll take a look!