How much do you like the current map pool?

  • 0 - It’s awful.
  • 1 - It’s quite bad.
  • 2 - I don’t have an opinion.
  • 3 - It’s kind of ok.
  • 4 - I like it.
  • 5 - It’s fantastic.

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I was awaiting a much worse feedback about the map pool. I hate maps that forces you to pick a specific civ to be competitive, so alpine lakes seems a really bad choice to me. I played two games in that map today and both against indians. They removed steppe, which was a bad map for the same reason. We have three closed land maps out of nine, which I think it’s quite excessive. Nomad and megarandom still there, something I don’t understand at all.

I wish we had a separate ladder for arabia, so people can play a standard and balanced match and let the map pool for the rest of the players that enjoy those crazy experiments.

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No. Not going to happen. I agree that the current pool sucks like ■■■■ but having a pool with only one map is 100 times worse.

I want the the first pool back!!!

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instead of limiting the map pool, they could fix the factions so that none are OP on specific maps (like indian shore fishing being nerfed, but the faction gettign a buff to make them more competitive on land, same for portuguese and italians, in 120 games i havent seen 1 italian)

i think megarandom is for players that have played a lot and dont want to get bored, but i think they punish new players horribly, like theres a megarandom where each player had 1 gold pile each and that was it for the game, so it was trash wars from the start

im glad they removed team islands, since that was just spanish, viking and malay spam (and then me with my portuguese)

Welp, you can ban Alpine lake, Megarandom, Nomad an the closed map you like the least and it should be fine no?

There are too few regular maps and too many special maps in the pool!

There are so many good and fun regular maps in the archive why you devs love these weird maps so much??

Or you can expand the pool from 9 to 12 maps or even 16 maps and add additional maps from the first pool, then I can reluctantly accept to play the crappy special map of the current pool occasionally.

The map of the first pool: arabia, cenote, continental, coastal, ghost lake, scandinavia, rivers, highland, valley, mongolia, and oasis.

I miss them very much!
Expand the pool and bring them back!

Medi for Islands and Golden Pit for Goldrush is really nice, otherwise I rather dislike the additions. Hideout shouldnt be added when there is already 2 closed land maps (bf and arena). So arabia remains the only (playable) aggressive land map which is really bad considering there are nine maps available. I think, Land Madness or Valley should be included instead of Alpine Lakes.


This is my number one most requested feature. The map pool has made me play and learn maps I would never have played, but to be honest I really hate it when I queue into an Arena or Mediterranean game. You only have 4 bans, so I can’t ban them all. I just don’t have the time to learn the meta for all maps and civs, and I personally very much enjoy Arabia. I appreciate not everyone is like me, but I know there are plenty of people that largely concentrate on that map. If I compared Voobly to DE, that’s one of the best things about Voobly - I could easily find a competitive Arabia match, but the same is not true in DE as I’m at the mercy of the map pool generation.

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