How much longer do we need to wait until we get those two revs?

Poland and Denmark.

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Hopefully we don’t, there’s a reason why they got removed since they won’t make sense as revolutions.
Now stop spamming the forums with this.


This. A billion times.

If there’s no chance of them being in the game as full civs, I’d rather them not being in at all as Revolution options.

It’s not me throwing my toys out, rather it’s just a waste - these were fairly big civ-worthy nations during the AoE3 timeframe so to only have them feature as nonsensical Rev civs (Denmark especially there) seems too much of a tease to those who may have wanted to see them in the game.

But again, why not find a relevant thread or create a thread with more thoughtful substance than just ‘Poland and Denmark’ with some images - what did you want other users to respond with?


Maybe it is better to see these topics every week so finally World’s Edge understands that people are waiting for these two civs to be released as a DLC

I agree that visibility can help (and I’m all in favor of pushing topics on the off-chance of Devs seeing them), however if they come across as just demands or requests with no justification nor content other than one line of text, it 1) doesn’t help the cause and 2) doesn’t really allow other users to springboard from ‘conversation’ with any feedback.

Personally I’m tired of the current series of events where if we get enough players, we get one single goofy explorer. I’d like to see new content soon.