How much will a half arm cast effect my elo?

I am a lowly 800 elo player right now. I fractured my hand a wrist skateboarding. Currently in a half right arm cast(lower arm to hand immobilized thumb, middle, and pointer free). How do you think it will effect my gaming potential?

  • Drop to sub 400 elo
  • Drop to sub 600 elo
  • Stay around 700-800 elo
  • Improve to 900+ elo
  • This is all you needed to be the next Hera

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Good luck to all my opponents these next 4 weeks. Im not stopping.

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At higher elo it would handicap you a LOT, at 800 it can give you more time to focus on strategy and decision making instead of “uselessly” clicking all around

I hope you recover soon :slight_smile:


Thank you for the encouragement

Pretty much depends: did you use a lot of hotkeys? Since you are around 800 elo, i think probably not. Than it doesnt really matter that much. Probably a slight drop, but not really that much.

Like RookyJupiter539 say: You can focus on other things to improve and even end up a better player overall.

I would wish you a good recovery.

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Im 12XX and i beat 10XX players consistently using only my ■■■■■■■ laptop trackpat. I tried several times.
As long as you’re low-ish elo, decision making has a far bigger effect than doubling your APM, you’d be surprised.

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Don’t think it will affect you much when I was at low Elo most of my time was inefficiently spent thinking of decisions not making high APM. Best way to improve at lowest Elo anyway is not by playing but by watching viper especially Hera when he talks through games for new players decision making benefit. Only high Elo games do you need high APM. It won’t affect you as much as you’d think you injury will. Best ways to improve for me have been

  1. Watch Hera
  2. Learn build orders
  3. Rewatch games I was unsure of what was the correct move to do to try find mistakes
  4. Learn hotkeys
  5. Using my own custom hotkeys
  6. Using game mods like small trees, grid mod, better resource bar, better mouse cursor etc
  7. Increasing scroll speed.
  8. Playing everyday.
  9. Reading and learning the exact stats of all units

These 9 things I do to improve got me from starting team game Elo to rank 800 in team games In less than a year of playing the game. And the first ones are more important and bigger for improvement than the ones lower down on the list and as you can see the most beneficial ones at the top don’t even require you to play the game to improve lol.

Wishing you a speedy recovery :slightly_smiling_face:


Im having a problem with my left hand in general (semi paralysis) can only click one button at a time having to check the key board each time. My elo is around 1100 when i play active. from experince being handy capped a little i have to tell you it only depends on you if you allow it to be a problem. Sometimes i think i could beat a certain opponent if i was a tad faster what tiltes me and i play worse. Yet even with my problem I know my elo can improve to at least 13xx/14xx if i play better. So it depends on you. at 800 you still have alot of options to improv so focus on thes, learn few more hotkeys, improve your decisions, learn better buildorders.

Good Luck.


Just an update down to 600 and holding. Apm doesn’t seem to be a problem. It the fact that i can’t work my wrist nor grip the mouse correctly. I am switching to one arm and see how it works. Click accuracy is super difficult along with scrolling.

People with OCD suffer a lot more with AoE than people with broken arms because they have a compulsion to place buildings properly, always keep units in formation and a variety of other things like that.


I too like to simcity my camp if i can.

I delete a farm if it’s not in the perfect pinwheel position.

I don’t like how farms are 3x3 and mills are 2x2. Im not that bad but i do like fun and looking neat