How powerful is 'Artillery Shot'?

In this new PUP there’s an additional ability for the French cannon called Artillery Shot, whose cool-down time is astoundingly 210 sec (3.5 minutes!). I’ve tested it, and it doesn’t seem to be at all powerful enough to justify such a long cool-down time. Its shot seems less powerful than the Turkish great bombard, which doesn’t have cool-down at all.

or am I missing something? I like playing French, would be glad to know if there’s anyway that this new ability of the cannon is truly powerful?

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But what does this ability do? An area damage?

It’s supposed to do a large area damage which is also armor-piercing(ignoring armor). But my test is very disappointing. It seems to be far weaker than an ordinary Turkish bombard shot.

Cooldown could be a bit shorter perhaps but its not a big deal. The real buff is the college itself. I don’t think french needs more.


Don’t disagree. My issue here isn’t the balance. French could do without this ability anyway.

Eso simplemente parece ser un ataque cargado esos ya estan en aoe 3, pero suena bien que tambien lo implementen aqui

I have also tested this, and I find it very inconsistent in the way it hits units.
as an example let’s say u have units in a 10x10 box (10 units side by side ) if u shoot the unit in the middle in the second row the unit in the 3 row will not get hit but units in row 4 and 5 will be hit their seems to be a bug in the hit detection somewhere. The are of effect is a cone btw from the target hit backwards.
If this worked probably I can definitely see 6-7 cannons using the skill all at once and then having basically a one time mango shoot. but good luck keeping a cannon alive for 3 min in an actual game, i m surprised if it lives longer than 20 sec once combat starts.

I looked at the Content Editor and it seems that the area effect is a triangle (as opposed to a circle as with the Turkish bombard.). In practice though often times it just hits one target, even weaker than the ordinary shot. (just ~55 point damage)

In any case, the 3.5 min cool-down is ridiculous.

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I’m hoping they do something with this ability. It is incredibly, incredibly conservative in design.

The french cannon is a unique unit but functions like a Bombard. The difference is a microscopic few miliseconds of packing and unpacking. The artillery shot is exactly what could’ve made it feel different, akin to how different the Nest of Bees feel to mangonels. I feel the current ability has not been fully realized either. As a mechanic, the cooldown is ridiculous, and the consistensy of the shots is all over the place–it is as if the splash radius is only a singular tile, or less.

Maybe this ability could instead allow the Cannon to enter a different mode (using different ammo), that lets it deal splash damage from further away (like an accurate english trebuchet), except that it does not deal additional siege damage and can thus actually be utilized as artillery. Maybe it can be a permanent stance you can switch between (think SC2 tank), or maybe it could last a few seconds only with quicker bombardment.

Honestly, revisit this ability. Revisit the unit itself, because it deserves better.