How powerful would a spy treasure be

A thought just spawned into my head and wanted to raise it.

As stated, how powerful would a spy as a treasure prize be? on first thought I am thinking completely broken but I do think if its well guarded enough , such that you can only get it in age 2 or something, might be an interesting addition to maps

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just not a good idea, the guy who take that treasure ( age 1 ) just win the game lol and for civ like african civ or native civ is pretty easy to take

completely agree if its taken in age 1 its an instant game win.

I do think if its guarded by like 4 riflemen level of treasure ( same to like 2 cdb or something) it might be interesting.

What do you mean a spy treasure? like permanent spies? that would be broken.

But if it reveals the enemy for like 2-3 seconds, that would be OK I guess, assuming it has the most powerful guardian levels.

I mean it gives the spy unit as a treasure, like how native treasures are.

I would have to be extremely well guarded, like 4-5 unit guard

Ah ok. I thought you meant the upgrade, spies.
If the spy has no bonus damage against heroes and penalty against villagers in age1, then it would be fine I guess.

nah im thinking full bonus here but have like 4-5 rifleman guard.

It will give 400-500 resources worth of value minimum so that is the level of the traesure

what if its designed around a map that each has one in base

might be lame, exploreres just dead

Don’t we already have native scout as treasure? Why would we need a spy too?

cause a spy can insta-kill explorers while scouts cannot, basically it would be an uber scout treasure for the mid game

But killing the explorer in age1 usually means autowin.

I agree and thats why I think it should be a heavily guarded treasure, with like 4-5 pirates/rifleman.

On the level of like a 500 resource treasure