How report cheater

Hello everyone, sorry I have to go through a translator to write to you.
I would like to know if there is a way to report a player who cheats and if it is possible how?

Being a new player, I’ve stumbled upon my enemy who’s playing the drills.
At the beginning of the game I make my bluid order, and there my enemy my rushes on it and builds a forum just beside mine to be able to destroy it. (I’ve fallen against him twice.)

I would like to know where I can report this person thank you.

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Can you post the recorded game file to check if something fishy happened in that game?

Ah! How can I send in the video of my game?

That sounds like someone TC dropped you. It’s not a cheat, just a legitimate strategy. Annoying one to deal with for sure, but there is nothing reprehensible here.

I’ve just watched the video and after 1 minutes of games (the time to find me) are forum self-destructed or it destroys it and it rebuilds it in front of my house and it’s normal ? if I understood well … if I understood well.

Open the game, go to watch saved games, click open saved games folder, once you have located the folder and the file, just upload it; you will have to change the file extension from *.aoe2record -> *.txt so you can bypass this site’s upload restrictions (or upload the file somewhere else and give us the link).

We need the game file.

Persians start with +50w so that’s 250w in the bank at the start. A TC costs 275w so all he has to do is to collect 25 wood and he has enough to build a new one. That doesn’t require any cheat.

But again, the recorded game is needed to know what was happening for sure.

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Yes could be @TriRem mentioned strategy, its called Persian Douche

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Indeed to judge too quickly I have just looked again at the resources and it is legit the Persian technique as you say. Amazing to see this kind of practice in Bronze.
Worst battle of my life, even if I don’t call it a battle.
I feel sorry for the player in question.
And for wasting your time, thank you very much anyway.

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