How should be the gameplay of new civilizations?

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

There are a lot of topics about new civilizations. I hope very much we will get civilizations soon. At least we should soon get information about it.

In this post I would like to ask you what kind of gameplay you like for new civilizations and which not.

I hope this will help the developers to decide which kind of gameplay the players like for new Civs.

You can refer to existing Civs if you want.

Personally I like the gameplay of the English the most. They don’t have economy micro and are easy to play. Furthermore they are very flexible. They don’t rely on wild life or relics to show their full potential. Furthermore English have endless gold production in the last age.

I don’t like the reliance from the Rus on wild life and the HRE on relics. Generally I don’t like Civilizations with this kind of micro and reliance.

The Mongols on the other hand I like very much. They are unique in a fun to play way.

China is also a very nice Civilizations. They have lot of uniqueness.

Below is a ranking of the civilizations I like to play the most

  1. England
  2. Abbasid
  3. Mongols
  4. China
  5. Delhi
  6. French
  7. RUS
  8. HRE

What do you think? How should be the gameplay of new civilizations?

Kind regards