How strong are Teutons With Briton Ally?

I had game in an Arena. I was Teutons with a Briton ally, I had had Malay ally, but he was mostly fighting away from me, and doing okay. I was fully boomed, I had 3 relics, and 20 trade carts. (lots of miners, lumberjacks, farmers etc) So, gold was not a big issue. Plus, the gold mines had not run out.

My Briton ally had massed mostly Longbows. With full blacksmith upgrades (take into note the plus 2 melee armor the civ gets) I had massed Halberdiers (most of my army was Halberdiers, I didn’t want to waste all my gold) Teutonic Knights (two castles to pump them out), a small group of Elite Skirmishers to counter some archers units, and later I got some Paladins out.

I think they were bad. Because, the enemy would try charge at the Longbows and completely get shredded by my swarms of infantry. They were using melee units mostly. All that said, how strong are Teutons with Britons combined?

Yep, sounds like a good combo. TK are slow thus vulnerable to range, but Longbows outrange everything, so that covers the weakness of the TK. Longbows are vulnerable to mass Siege Onager, but Teutons have Bombards, so that covers that. So I would say the combo, on paper has no obvious weakness. Teuton civ bonus and Longbow Range also covers very well against any Monk play ideas.

But… Given how complex this game is, there probably are civ combinations out there that will beat this civ combination handily. Perhaps some combination involving rattan archers would be quite difficult for either Britons or Teutons to deal with, as neither TK nor Longbows would do well against them.

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