How Strong Would the Turks be if they had this buff?

If Turks’ Bombard Towers were 50% cheaper in both gold and stone, and Bombard Towers tech is free in the university. So, this will help the Turks do what they are infamous for in high resources games: Bombard Tower Spam. This may even help them get lots of Bombard Towers out in maps even like Arabia.

Would this make the civ very strong and totally broken?

i don’t think it would do much since BBT are so easily countered.

The map control you could have with cheap bombard towers could be very strong.

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rams easily tear them down.

Turks get free Hussar upgrade. Only cost food. So, they put a stop to a ram. Plus normal bombard cannon units tear them down pretty easy.

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so you can somehow afford BBT + BBC + hussar and you assume your opponent can only afford ram? GLWT.

Yeah. It really depends on the player I guess. Who knows. If one player is much better than the other.

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Free Bombard Tower technology is already a Korean bonus.

well i’d assume if you were talking about something being too st rong we’d be talking about two equal skill players.

The 50% cheaper bombard Towers would be ridiculously strong on maps like black forest or arena. Particularly if it’s a team game.

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Half-costed BBTs would just lead to Turks Tower Spam when they are losing the game, as sort of a lame “now you have to go through all this” tactic to annoy the winner of the match.

Take into note. In late game team games if the Turks have lots of trade carts and have a Portuguese giving them stone and then they can spam bombard towers more easy. They be a nightmare to deal with if you factor in that.

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Which already Burgundians can do with the “Flemish Revolution” tech.

Not at all, sice Burgundians lose all economy at it, and Flemish Militia die by the hundreds against Archers, so you finish their “last stand” much faster, instead of having to wait for your Trebs to just break through 30 BBTs.

But you still

Also not all the civs have good archers/HC.

50% cheaper BBT will be way more pain though.

How is it even a question that instant BBT that cost less than a normal tower are complete bonkers 11


OP as hell
With the extra Range on Closed Maps they would just build BBTs everywhere and ruin the game to all.
Besides Turks are fine right now.

Very broken.

Idk how can people say it would be easy to counter lol

Extremely strong when it applies, obviously. Consider that straight 50% off discounts are extremely rare in the game - the only ones that come to mind for buildings are the Mayan team bonus (cheaper walls) and the Japanese economy bonus (cheaper economic buildings). Italians also get cheaper trade units with a technology.

If the goal is to make Turks’ desire to make Bombard Towers stronger, I think making Artillery cheaper is a better way, since it is an extremely expensive unique technology as is.

This would break every diplo and other long games, and possibly team games as well, and posibly 1v1 in closed maps

Not every change needs to be around 1v1 Arabia, and even then it would be too strong and unneeded as a change