How to add "export" resource panel for European civs? A mod porting problem

In the original aoe3, it is possible. Just add some xml code to the ui xml.

But the in definitive edition, the xaml layout controls by the program, and the program will remove it or set “resourcePanel_Asian” Visibility to “Collapsed”(hidden and ignore layout) , even you set “Visible” in xaml. :face_vomiting:

It should be checking is visible or not, then remove or hide it.

The resource type “fame” and the native center also have the same problem.

By the way, Good news is the a civ can be specific as an asian or a native. In the original game you can’t add those two types of civs.

Unfortunately I don’t think this is possible anymore, as they seem to have removed the {resource(food)}, {playerColor(i)} etc functionality.


How disappointing. Yet another challenge comes.
Why they did that. It can’t bring any advantage in battle and ladder game because the mod can’t use in those games.