How to add incendiary fire effect on Trebucket, Mangonel and Springald projectiles? thank you

In Content Editor, I couldn’t find a way about how to add “Incendiary fire effect on the Trebucket, Mangonel and Springald projectiles”.

If anyone would know how to do it, please would you guide me? thank you very much. I just want to add that AOE2 incendiary projectile effects on the Trebucket, Mangonel and Springald projectiles too in AOE4 with my mod.

I have found how to do it; but sometimes the animation becomes weird. For example when you try to add flamed projectiles on the Trebuchet from Mangonel flamed projectiles which the Trebuchet body doesn’t rotate to the direction of the targeted enemy but your flamed projectiles are going to correct location of your targeted enemy. It is probably game limitation.

I have added this feature to Abbasid Civilization with Lithuania Trebuchet CW unit. Apart from that, I changed the Lithuania Trebuchet TR as springald to fire flamed bolts which I used camel incendiary arrows. This units and its animations are working nicely. You can check these out on Civilization Conquest Mod and for more information please check the AOE4 Forums Thread of Civilization Conquest Mod.

Does anyone know about how to make the arrows to stay on the ground a little more longer? thank you.

↑You can find it in Weapon - project file reference

I also want to ask you how to add the burning arrow to the weapon
In some of my self-made units,The upgraded damage of burning arrow has worked
But the fire effect on the bullet doesn’t work for them