How to balance Civs for Deathmatch

Alot of civs are not viable for deathmatch, I believe those civs could be fixed without changing the balance for normal RM games (as most of the suggestions are late game changes)

  • Vikings
    has always been a weak div in deathmatch, and will now be weaker as they lost thumbring
    → receive seige ongers upgrade

  • Malay
    they lack the fire power, cheaper elephants made them a bit viable but are still very weak compared to other civs.
    → elephants created faster
    → elephants cost -50% in Imperial

  • Tatars
    no good answer to seige onagers + habls, very bad halbs of their own
    → receive seige onagers upgrade

  • Khmer
    normally a strong civ, but like Tatars do not have a solution to seige onagers + halbs
    → can build bombard cannons (which was already there before it was removed in one of the updates)

  • Indians
    very slow start, can be easily overrun by infantry civs
    → receive treadmill crane

  • Vietnamese (nerf)
    it seems that the latest update (elephants +100hp) is overpowered
    → change Chatras +100hp → +75hp

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Seems logical overall, afterall balance is suited for RM mostly.

Most people don’t play deathmatch, so if we are going to balance RM around it that would be really bad. Maybe if these were DM only changes?

Most of the changes suggested barely affects RM play … its all late game changes and researches that aren’t barely get researched in RM games

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Let’s just break them in closed maps.

And was removed for a reason.

Furthermore I don’t see a need to make changes to a game mode that is rarely played.
It’s so hard to balance death match with the rest of the game that tournaments for dm use mirror.

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Still weak late game compared to other civs

they had them for a reason … and removing it was a mistake … now they are very weak against halbs + seige

has been played for 20+ years and is still being played by a decent amount of players on daily basis … even though it has not got enough attention from the devs.

False, dm team tournaments / casual team games are not played as mirror civs. Even now alot of 1 v 1 random matchups are viable due to the massive amount of new civs and balance updates

Just give and remove treadmill crane as it becomes necesary and you already can fix a ton of these civs. Yeah Vikings are too slow but having a weak late game is kindof their identity.

Treadmill crane only fixes the start … army composition though is the main thing … which is clearly lacking in the civs mentioned above

I don’t believe any civ should have a weak late game … or in other words should have some sort of answer to anything thrown at them (which is something that is always addressed by the devs in most of the previous updates).

Don’t DMers not care about balance anyway since they play mirror? Also in what world elephants that train faster and cost as much as a serjeant are fine?

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DM is 100% balanced. It’s supposed to be played mirror civ


The game should not be balanced around Death Match. Simply too small of a chunk of the playerbase play it to render that a viable solution without affecting RM.

Instead, they should release (or someone else should make)a datamod specifically balancing civs for death match that canbe used in lobby games. That way everyone gets what they want

Every game mode has a small playerbase compared to RM, DM is probably the second most popular game mode after RM. Even the new EW thing seems to be dying (just by checking the ladder / streams),

Having a datamod just for deathmatch would make it hard for new players who actually know the game to try dm. And would make it more complicated for current dm players

Balancing DM is as good as balancing civs for their late game / closed maps (in most cases). So I don’t see the harm of doing so