How to balance persians on both land and hybrid maps

Give back the +5% faster working TC in Darkage and remove the +50W. On a hybrid map where you are producing out of both a TC and a dock it is more difficult to fully utilize the faster eco production. On land maps -50W is a small nerf but on water maps it will delay your Fishing ship production which will force you to have an extra villager on food to compensate which will further delay your fishing ship production.

You cant JUST remove the 50w. If you do that they will just have a worse Lithuanian bonus


Considering their performance In HC3. Just restoring their the +5% would make them to powerful on hybrid map.

You mean like Mayans are to Chinese?

Persians will still have the faster and stronger TC and dock.

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My proposal is bring back 5% faster TC and Dock but don’t apply it to Age Advancing.

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Game design is more important than game balance.

One of the main rules of the game is that no bonus can just be a better version of another

Not the same, its a trade off. And having other unrelated bonuses cant justify breaking one of the primary rules of civ design

Very different. Closest is Magyars vs Berbers scout discount. One start earlier another start later but become better with time.

lithuanian bonus is massively overpowered
you just don’t see it because the DE map pool is trash tier

using it as a benchmark is ridiculous

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Persians are balanced, They are good at hybrid map but hybrid maps are not that comman. Poles and bohemians are too strong at arena type maps too but it does not change they are not that strong at open maps.

Just accept it. We can’t balance every civ on every map.

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Thats subjective, but either way the Persian bonus still shouldnt be a way lamer version of the Lithuanian bonua

Perhaps, but such a defeatist attitude toward game balancing is completely unproductive.

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I know , but there are actually a lot similar issues are not solved so I assume that the balance is not easy to the devs.

I was supposed to say more in the previous post, unfortunately I don’t have a good solution.

That was my point

Just because one aspect of it is similar doesn’t mean it’s a worse version of X.

TB completely ignores the fact Persians have other advantages during and after dark age, compared to Lith

And continues to do so

And this is exactly my point…

The extra wood can be good on certain situations

Again, I have already answered that balance or the rest of the bonuses dont justify breaking how the civs are designed since 1999

Your point doesnt make sense in AoE2. Following the design philosophy of the game (which is that there cant be an individual bonus that is an objectively better version of another individual bonus) is more important than balance. Mostly because you can balance everything without breaking such design rules

I rather just remove all the starting resources and give them something else or instead just give them other resources to make up for the loss of the wood (I would rather give them +25 of each resource at the start)