How to beat aggro castle age push with double gold units

Opponent was portugese so cheaper gold units. He had mass crossbow, 6 or 7 knights and mangos pushing my base from a hill in castle age

I was defending with crossbows, mangos and monks

He was higher elo than me so his eco was better while i idled alot during fights so decided just to go imp. I got earlier arb but he had much better eco and won in the end

So how do i hold against that strong castle age push with portos double gold units without losing track of eco. It felt like i had to stay 1 tc and invest evrything into military just to hold that and i felt if i tried booming i would have lost the castle age fight

What is that map? 20 char


We were mostly 1 for 1 trading with mangos, i even got 1 for 2 once but he seemed to always have so many. Porto discount i guess

Have you try drush or scout rush? Early game of Portuguese is quite weak

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I went 2 milita drush with scout but it didnt do much. Follow up with archers.

He went maa into archers. I killed more vils in feudal age than him but porto castle age so stronk

Ill try lota scouts vs portos next time to really put the pressure on feudal

You are right. Portuguese do shine in castle age with its gold discount. It is easy to say don’t let him goes castle age but sometime it just happen.

May you share your game record file so that we can look into it and give more opinion?


yeah, organs are very powerful and cheap in castle age they are eaisly break stone wall too. hhmmm well… 2 militia is too weak You need 3 or more at least cuz You spent 180 wood for early barracks. If drush won’t work so, try to make defence with mangonel and monk then goes to his base with cross or knts. This is similiar hoang rush style but They mostly don’t have any defence in his base so try to rape his base.


Thanks for advice. Ill try stronger feudal rush and counter aggro next time. No replay because i deleted it in a huff haha

just leave your game name here and we can find the replay in

Castle Defense and Eco expansion. Then use your main civ comp to push him back.
That’s at least what I would do. But I don’t talk to God.

Edit: and ofc counterraids, if possible.