How to beat cannon galleon in Oasis?

Yeah, but they have target fire now. This wouldn’t be a problem and the OP wouldn’t make this thread if it worked as you think it would. 11

I’ve seen pro player outmicro ballistics if you can’t dodge Cannon shot that takes 4-5 seconds to reach its target that’s a you problem.

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But it’s not one cannon shot, it’s 20. There’s a reason you’re on the backfoot when you’re fighting Houfnice or Turk BBCs with no Siege Engineers BBC. For all you micro there’s your enemy employing same amount of micro back at you.

You cannot beat them with BBC because you’re not going to reach them, while they reach you. The way to beat this strategy is shown in this thread already, you don’t need to bring in already suggested-and-rebutted ideas. You can just bring all your villagers to build millions of docks and produce out of them, since the Cannon Galleons won’t shoot fast enough to clear all the docks.