How to beat Lakota?

I have a question about lakota… how its possible to beast lakota in 1v1?
And what’s the best civ vs lakota?
I have played a lot of ranked games but if a pro lakota player come vs me i can’t defeat him.
I ask your help how the hell its possible to beat lakota… for me it look like its impossible :sweat_smile:

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When you can’t beat it and consider it is op, use it.
See what will your opponent do and learn from them.

Pick port and play water

In my experience Aztec wreck all three other nat teams, especially Lakota, even though Az can struggle vs Euro civs. Lakota just doesn’t have answers for pike slinger rush age 2.

I am quite sure aztek is the weakest native civ right now ^^

Yeah i think too.
Well i should try port turtle vs lakota rush. I think Lakota its weak vs range cav. Right?

Lol Ports should send the “TEAM Early Dragoons” card in Age 2 and make some goons early. Since they can make a TC in Age 2, they can still make more villagers than most civs and can probably support the mass goons for an Age 2 war.

I’ve only played the Ports like 3 times though, so I’m not really sure how economical and viable a goon army in Age 2 will be. Lol

Amphi, aztec may be weakest overall, and definitely against euro civs, but it has a solid matchup based on units and early pressure/eco balance to the other nat civs. Recent patch helped aztec out significantly with the Eagle scouts - you can now actually get wood treasures for early war hut. For most mid-tier play they are fine.

Try playing as Inca and holding off an aztec pike coyote rush…the pikes take down the war huts in seconds and Inca has nothing. Against Lakota it is just a matter of pressure and keeping your vils safe - lakota army can’t engage aztec army and win.

I think it’s not easie to break the lakota defence ^^ cetan are strog now and you can’t realy deal with raiding.