How to calculate longbow damage vs. MAA +2 ranged armor

If one longbow (6 attack) shot against a MAA with +2 ranged armor (6 ranged armor total) shouldn’t the total damage be 0?

What if 3 longbows attacked at once? Shouldn’t that also be 0?

should be, yes. unless you upgrade range dmg

If damage less than 1 then damage = 1.

This is the actual logic of the game, it’s impossible to deal less than 1 damage, so if enemy has more armor than your damage, you will deal 1 damage.

Interesting math. So financially if my sole objective is to protect my MAA in castle from longbows it doesn’t even make sense to spend resources on wedge rivets.

^ This

Armor at most reduces damage to 1, not lower.

Assuming the longbows don’t get upgrades to their damage, then yes! But it would be a very bad objective!

That’s why this system is outdated and sucks.
They should have used the percentage based AoE3 system.