How to circumvent the teamgame meta

Just play with random positions, and without team together I’m serious. no more Pockets, no more Britons, Franks, Mayans. Every player has to be Ready anything, every game would almost immediately devolve into chaos. This would also be incredibly stressful too stressful for most players. But I think it worth at least trying for people who are sick of the teamgame meta.

Word limit issue.

then we see 4v4 magyar mirror all the time…
don’t know if that’s so much better.

Do you hate the teamgame meta? If not then you are probably not ready to play what is basically a new gamemode to escape it. TBH I personally I am not able to handle the level of stress and chaos that this would create. But if you are this might be for you.

Maybe make it each civ can only be picked once per team?

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then we see magyar, tatars, huns and… saracens maybe?
Maybe also poles, mongols…
There are only a few civs but probably enough to make a team that can play both roles.

True. Maybe we need a draft TG thing, give each player a global ban and two picks, then each team can pick out of a pool made by the players on that team during the draft stage, so you don’t have to play a civ you pick. A civ could be picked by all teams though, just to be fair, but a banned civ is removed for everyone.

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I think it would be better if we would use the team bonusses to allow unique strats to work with the currently “bad” TG civs

But that was only my take on it when we had this discussion some long time ago already. I proposed to make changes to civs like byz in a way that eg the current bonus to spears and skirms applies to the whole team.
Wouldn’t change anything in 1v1 but could potentially allow really new TG strats to discover.

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11 but I dont think Magyars would be the only viable civ I expect Goths, Berbers, Celts, Incas, Poles, Persians, and Burmese, to be top contenders, I think the meta would revolve around all in agression and Fuedal play, Expect laming, Militia/Drush, Towers, and Persians Douche to become much more common, I expect Scouts to be less Viable because every one is very likely to have a nearby Enemy So the mobility is usually not worth it. And no I’m not sure this meta is “better” but it is worth trying for the sake of novelty alone.

If I had to pick a top civ I think it would be Poles I think their villager Regen and stone bonus could make them a viable tower/M@A civ and if you are surrounded by allies you can go Scouts.

The thing is there are just a few civs that are so bad as flanks that you would never pick them if there is a 50 % chance to be flank, cause you would know it would just be an invitation to double team on you.

Yeah many civs would never be picked you would have to be ready for literally anything wether that is being a pocket or surrounded by two enemies Be right back I’ll need to do some math and make a info graphic

You can play 2vs2. Positions do not matter on most maps


Yes you have a 2/3 thirds chance of being right next to your ally

the matchmaking is not good enough to avoid team together

but position-picking needs to be removed from ladder. it destroyed all the civ balance and removed the vast majority of strategy and units from the game

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Sigh this is really made only made for Rubenstock and most players myself included appeal could not handle this