How to control the AI?

I saw in somewhere that it is possible to switch to a player controlled by the AI in an single player game .
How excatly is that done ?

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By pressing Ctrl-Shift and then pressing the function keys according to the player numbers.


You mean f1 , f2 , f3 ,etc ?

Yeah. (character limit)

That’s cool! Don’t think I knew this… or it’s long-forgotten knowledge

If you switch to AI, what happens to the spot you’re leaving (does AI take it over)? And can you switch back to your original player slot any time you want?

Last question, can you switch to an enemy AI player?

Sorry, I know I could launch and find out myself, but not able at moment, plus others may be curious to know, too

No, just like you AFK, your own units will do themselves things you gave them before you leave.

Sure, Ctrl + Shift + F1

Yes, but AI still will control their units. It’s okay in most time, but it is annoying when you and AI both want to control the same units to do different things.

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Very cool, thanks! Sounds nice for those times where you want AI to do some things differently… including giving you more resources beyond what they’re willing to do :wink: Switch to them, do what you want, then switch back. I like it!

Too bad controlling enemy AI isn’t absolute while you’re doing it

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Hey @EvasiveBeast227, thanks for marking my post as the solution this is the first time I’ve solved a problem like this on the forum that isn’t my own.