How to counter cuirasier? SOLVED (at least in this map)

i finally found how to easily kill cuirasiers no matter how much they are.

You need cavalry archer and play in a map like bayou or seminole in order to get 25% more atack for archers unit. So you get this

with that hight atack you can easily kill cuirasiers, because that map doesnt give additional bonus hitpoints or damage to cuirassiers and in that match there were no allie cards that give them more bonus hitpoints or damage, resistance, speed, etc.

So Its the best map for russia to kill a french 1vs1. Because cavalry archer with 30% resistance to meele and 25% more atack than normal, cuirasiers are very weak. But in order to defend your city you would need to have cards to train 40% faster cavalry and all tech for -% train cavalry time, and card for more hitpoints for buildings in order to get time to kill cuirasiers if they are atacking walls.

Let’s be real here. You basically constructed space marines in horses, with these stats they can beat any cav and fight toes to toes with units that doesn’t directly counter then. With seminole indians, there are no buffs for cav hp unlike great plains, so you strip french of a ideal bonus.
33Ă—3 gives 99 dam do cav. 100 for math puposes. cuirassiers have more than 1000 hp, so 10-15 CA could one shot a cuirassier (idk about resistances tho). The CA hp makes it viable vs arty - ruyters and dragoons without buffs die to cannons even tho they are supposed to counter then.

Sadly CA are situational. A smart frenchie who adds voultigeurs/skirms and have a good micro hits full CA through clevers ambushes. This calls for melee cav, but cossacks/ulans/hussars can’t beat cuirassiers…

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i easily won jeje, i used cossacks for skirmishers, and CA versus curiasers and mortars or canons, or oprichnik versus them and versus buildings, and also i had 1 post of natives seminolas that kill buildings with range bow, and cherokees that have bonus versus skirmishers.
I killed to frenchs, but idk if they had all deck’s card for curiasers, they were lutienant though.
they had 1000 hp but not huge high atack like in another maps, or even more resistance.

And well curiasers have 20% resistance versus range.

and yes with that atacks on CA you can win to almost everything. except versus mortars and cannons they have 75% resistance range, oprichnik would do faster job

unfortuntely this can only happen in bayou and carolina.

So practically aoe3 has map that has natives tech that makes OP some units

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Pike and Cannons dont work?

pikemen are hopeless.

My personal experience: In treaty, pick French to counter French.

In rush or water: don’t let the french get to Industrial Age.

Basically this is my Sioux Meta. I never had success on treaty against french tbh

Come on guys, the French cavalry aren’t that hard to deal with. Some civs have a harder time than others but you don’t need special circumstances to beat them.

tell that to them once they insta spawn with full upgrades and has a 120 pop to your 100.

the issue isn’t that you cant possibly kill them, its that it immediately gets replaced and that it takes so much to kill them.

sorry to say this but, you are wrong and need to get better. you really need to play more aoe3.
dragoons kill cav.

It’s a game, enjoying it is the most important thing.

dragoons do 50 dmg a hit providing you have about as many upgrades as you can have, they have a 3 times multiplier and shoot every 3 seconds, or 150 dmg every 3 seconds.

imperial gendarme has lets say 1150 hp, with a 30% resist, or about 1500 hp vs dragoons. it takes 10 shots or 30 seconds to kill 1 gendarme.

an imperial gendarme can kill a dragoon in less than 10 hits, doing 66 dmg in melee with dragoons at best having around 460 hp.

also in this scenario you are completely ignoring you are playing against france who also has some of the best skirmishers in the game who just so happens to counter dragoons.


except curiasers, dragoons have no resistance verus meele atack only versus range, so sometimes you just cant run from curiasers, and they just rush to kill your eco (villagers, TC , and factories) and dragons or whatever unit anticav cant kill them before it. Maybe just german cavalry, but anyway, many french players, when they get a lot of eco, they kill their own villagers in order to have more room for curiasers for an atack that will destroy all your eco.

ok, the problem is that you dont micro and macro you units and do not get map. dragoons are anticav. which means that you are not going to attack like if they were normal cav.

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You’re oversimplifying it. Ranged units operate far more efficiently than melee ones since the entire formation is usually engaged while most of the melee formation is stuck behind other units. Also 3 hits at 66 damage = 198…

France isn’t the only country allowed to mix unit types.

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well said! that only shows that you have alot to learn @Jonasnee8581

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i am a lieutenant in treaty and a master sergeant in rush, nobody higher than me suggest that the unit is balanced.

all i am learning from this is that you think you are far better than you clearly are and that you cant seem to understand how wrong you are.

dont know how it said less than 3 hits, maybe i meant 3 less hits, cause 7 hits should kill them, regardless i’ve updated it.

yes being a range unit helps, but it still doesn’t help that the unit is 1 of the tankiest and fastest units in the game, easily capable of killing larger groups of infantry due to aoe attack.

yes but skirmisher and heavy cavalry mix is 1 of the strongest mixes and france gets the strongest mix of that. you can perhaps with good art micro manage to kill the backline units while having enough frontline units but all the french player needs to do is keep replacing loses while you will have to micro for this to work, it is hardly a fair trade off.

198 x.20 = 39.6 198 - 39.6 = 158.4 takes 9 second for 1 dragoon to give this damage

with cavalry acher i had 33 * 3 (#ofatacks) = 99, 99 x 3 = 297 297 x .20 = 59.4 297 - 59.4 = 237.4 each 3 attack per cavalry archer (4.5 seconds)

Its a huge differenche, also dragoon have no meele resistance, but cavalry archer have 30% resistance

That explains a lot! you are a pr 17 or 19. Please get better bro. I am pr 27 on rush and PR 29 on TR.
like I said earlier, you should practice micro, there are maps on ESo community that can help you with that.

Lol I’m just a MS like @Jonasnee8581