How to counter Hausa rush as Russian

Hi all.
I recently started playing Russian and now I am struggling with Hausa rush.
When I age with 17vills, I reach age2 one minute later than Hausa. Before I make army, Hausa rushes me with 3 different units, all of which spawn at a single outpost. They have dessert warriors(musk type?), raiders and dessert riders that deal siege damage.

Could someone advise me how to counter their rush as Russian?

Should I age up with 14vills? What units should I make? What shipment should I send? Do you think the rush will be nerfed?

never age at 17 vills with russia, always 14 the only way you can age at 17 is for ff but ff is not very good as russia and anyways not very good vs hausa aswell
The first unit you want make is musk and 700w first, you want to make blockause in your base and defend and after if you see a rush hausa you send 5 cossack and try to defend with musk cossack mm
( if you see no melee cav for hausa make strelet ofc but always musk first )
Russia eco is better at some point if hausa rush so you defend and outmass later and try to push but most of the time you want try to age 3 after the rush hausa and push vet musk falc ( hard for hausa to deal the falc if he stay age 2 )


Thanks for your reply.
I agree to make musks to defend. Could you tell me more detail so that I can make enough musks properly? Should I age up with 500food or 400 wood? What resource do you gather for that plan during aging up?

age up 400w and the 400 w is for steel traps house and tp ( can make blockaus instead if you scout hard rush incoming), in transi you just want to make blockaus market and hunting dogs in market after that you put all your vill on food an coin ( put more vills on food than coin ofc, russia need a lot of food early game ), 700 w is for house blockaus or tp and you can use that wood for strelet if you need


Thank you. I’ll try that tonight.

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