How to Counter HRE Late Game?

They age up so fast, and once they get fully upgraded Man at arms nothing seems to kill them, not to mention sending them out in hordes?

Is there a solid counter to HRE Man At Arms spam??

it s called X-Bows and kiting or hand cannons
so i doubt ur real problem is MMA it s u let the HRE do what ever he wants to get the relics upgrades and complain that after u done nothing for 30 min he just prints units 24/7 u can t match

With the recent patch, we are rather talking about 6-7 minutes Castle from HRE… and couple of more mins to have their imp, if you don’t push them immediately hard… I am not sure, which other civ is able to match that Imperial speed, so my guess is, you need to push earlier and avoid that they can utilize their tech / booming.

I think they have gone overboard with HRE buff. I have tested HRE in 4v4. You can do 3 TC, 12 Min Fast Imperial with Complete farm transition and 2+ relics. You can immediately drop military building and pump out units non-stop. You can even out-boom Chinese 3TC song with this.

The real problem is letting HRE grab the relics and doing what they want. In late game, they’ll just print out M@A and siege and capture sacred sites. You have to take aggression and map control immediately. Else, HRE has a pretty good match up vs every civ in Imperial.

Crossbowman is a good counter and if they go very heavy on melee units then rhe ribaldequin is actually quite useful

The cheap Imperial age up must be with Elzbach.

HRE has serious problems getting food. this is the chance for most to break them. just don’t let them get food from external sources. make them move to the fields. it takes time. Well, obviously don’t let them take the relics. That is why HRE is good only on maps where there are no problems with food and it is easy to defend at first. In battle, massive squads of crossbowmen and gunners will smash any number of man at arms. to control the mangonels will need horsemen or knights
the rest depends on the faction.
Abbasids and Mongols are in my opinion one of the best in defeating HRE. They have no problems with food, they can mine gold just as quickly and counter a large number of counter units. it is very difficult to fight against them for HRE. If the developers weaken Hre , then in the hands of an ordinary player they will not be able to do anything against the Abbasids and Mongols.
In second place in terms of efficiency are the French. Their knights will slow down the development of HRE, castles will not allow you to collect food around the map, and their best crossbowmen in the game will break the main trump card in the form of man at arms without any problems.
The English can force the HRE to fight in the feudal era by exhausting food sources (which the English are great at, thanks to the farms). Plus, under their towers man at arms fights not much worse than Hre man at arms.
Chinese nest of bees and grenadiers in general have nothing to oppose in the case of HRE.
Against Rus, it is also difficult for them to play, thanks to long-range springalds and strelets.
ps. I am HRE man.
pps translated by google translator.