How to counter Wonders in team games

I enjoy playing team games, and Wonders are almost guaranteed to factor in the gameplay unless the map is wide open (e.g. Arabia). I have had very limited success in countering wonders, especially when the opposing team comes in with a clear wonder strategy (one player is the Wonder civ, usually HRE, who fast imperials and forgoes all military production).

How do you counter this?

  • Build a wonder, but faster. This is hard to do if your opponent goes in with the Wonder game plan.
  • Sacred sites. This is only really feasible if there are only 1 or 2 to control, and the Wonder-building team doesn’t preemptively wall off one of the sacred sites to delay you.
  • Landmark snipe the wonder-building player. Only works if the wonder-building player is unaware of this. Otherwise, they build their landmarks with their wonder.
  • Ignore the Wonder. Just play for fun and lose.

This isn’t to suggest Wonders are unbalanced. There are plenty of threads for that. I want to know how other people’s strategies for defeating opposing Wonders.

My strategy is simply to play to win every game, i.e. rushing and taking sacred sites along the way. The enemy team CANNOT go wonder if your team is rushing with any degree of success.

That is, if I am in a premade team, if I am not…your suggestions are the common major.