How to create back up files in age

I want to make some changes to the units for certain civs. But I want to discard these changes whenever necesary. So, how do I make back up files in Advanced Genie Editor?

Just copy paste your DAT file into some other directory, there’s your backup.

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Do you mean the folder, with all the files within it?

No, just the literal empires2_x2_p1.dat file. Also, you’re putting that in a mod folder in your local directory right? Not overwriting the base game.

Haven’t decided if it’s a mod folder or overwriting the base game. What’s the difference?

Well, you never overwrite the base game. That’s not something you can do. So if you’re just saving your DAT file, you screwed up, because it’ll probably be overwriting AoE2 DE’s DAT file, which is bad. What you need to do is be saving your DAT in this file path (replace the stuff in italics it to fit with what you’re doing)
C:\Users\JSmith\Games\Age of Empires 2 DE\Large Number\mods\local\Your mod name\resources_common\dat