How to disable focus group when press number key twice

Can I disable focus group when I press number key( 1 - 10 ) twice? Only space key can focus team.

I think if you don’t want to focus on that group you should not press the number twice and then right click wherever you want them to go. This can as well be somewhere on the screen as on the mini map.

Remind though they will not autoattack and are more vulnerable while moving, so you will have to keep watching them. Whenever they need to cleanup something on their way you press that number again and S (stop) and so on. You want to focus, press the number twice and S.

If it’s cavalry you might be able to rush through with less needed attention.

You can press button U to cancel group.

This is not true. There is Attack Move for this you know, just like in AoE2.

Isn’t that when you press A or D and then right-click?

I can remember movements from my army while being attacked by enemy units scattered around while my army just keeps moving on. In the meanwhile the enemy units will start to follow and attack you from the back and they still moved on. My experience might as well be campaign related.

Anyway you should keep monitoring for unwanted behavior while directing your troops, because autoattack can be an unwanted behavior too. But if you have map control you can use waypoints of course to counter that one.

That depends on what your hotkey is. For me it is set to ‘Q’. But attack move will, unless stupid pathing issue shows up, always make your units attack the enemy unit in their vicinity.

Edit: and yes agreed. General rule to become a better player: Always keep your stuff in check. Non stop.

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Well, I tried to stay around that one. :wink:

chú k được troll a nhá

I mean I press group number twice
Example : Group 1 ( village )
I press “1” then “Space”. The screen will focus to Group 1
Not press “1” “1”
Like the AOE classic 1997

The screen focus when typing a control group number followed by the spacebar is intentional.

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