How to disable taunts for AI using scenario editor

I have created a scenario in which AI is must one or more players, so even if it is enemy or ally, I want to disable its taunts with the rest of the players. Is it possible?

Like with many of your other issues related to AI, you just need to learn how to write custom AI scripts. That’s the only way to resolve some of this stuff.


I have written few RM scripts, but I dont know where the scripts are available I mean in which steam folders could I find the map scripts.

I have searched in steamapps>common>AOE2DE>resources>_common>random_map_scripts. But I found only few maps Canals,capricious… upto The Unknown. Only ES files. I don’t know where are the files for rest of the maps.

Check this out

I can’t find any files . I have attached the image corresponding to it. PFA…

Ok, I just found it, once I opened one of the campaigns, the scripts created over there.

why can’t I find the script file directly for user generated custom maps?

I want a file as such attached below for the scenario which I created, I can’t use this to write for each and every changes and triggers I have applied, its like begin from the scrap again.

Triggers and AI are different things, unless you send a lot of AI stuff to triggers and viceversa

Yes, I m understanding it slowly, but its too late, I m very mad at it now. This is my ugc scenario script attached and I understand nothing

That is not an AI file. That’s an scenario file.

Do you mean this?

yes, its a scenario file, how to edit this? I can understand nothing

You don’t edit the scenario file. You edit the AI files. Grab a simple campaign scenario AI and modify it. I suggest the last William Wallace scenario

Ok, I try my best to finish the whole scenario starting from the scrap :face_holding_back_tears: