How to disable the chat and all of its functions? (Important)

I assume the chat is the problem; the game doesn’t tell me why I was banned/timed out/suspended, and even if I ask the customer support, I get a non-one-word-answer without specifying anything. Since I got banned so many times now, I want to fix this once in for all: how do I disable the chat? So I no longer engage with it, therefore, there will be no problems in future with what the AOE 2 DE overlords want me to not do in/with the game. Additionally, is there a way to disable “taunts”, “flares” and message sent/received sounds? Without me needing to mute every person every match every time? As you can tell, that sounds laborious. The solution I’m looking for is something similar to what the Options provide, a button that will disable/enable upon clicking. Simply speaking, I’m only here to play the game.

Before you say this: no, I won’t just ignore the messages from players, this is as bad as telling a player to endure a flare spam without being able to disable it.

If there is no solution to all of these, what do I do next? Should I file a bug report, give a suggestion to this forum to the developers? Or, is there a legal/illegal mod that will allow me to disable the chat and all of its functions? I want this issue fixed right now and not in the next 3 years or whatever.


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It’s not chat. Are you leaving the game before five minutes or Alt-f4ing?

I make sure to not do that, and when I do, I leave before the match starts so people are not stuck being without a player. I make sure to not do that too often, even if I get a Nomad map, I stay. It only allows me to ban 1 map and not 2, that means, I’d rather play Nomad rather than a billionth time Arabia.

In fact, my other future forum suggestion was to suggest to implement a feature to penalise people for leaving after 10 minutes, or leaving too often, because this happens to me too frequently. I stay even if I know I won’t recover from a raid that happens within 10 minutes of the match. I do that to make sure to waste enemy’s time meanwhile my team can continue aging up.

Nobody likes being rushed, but I still make sure to stay. Although, you know, people play this game to enjoy the game and not stare at the screen to see archer/horse spam attacking your resources and garrisoned TC and at the start of the game, and the only thing a person can think of to make the time more enjoyable is to alt-tab out of the game and wait until this is over.

As you can imagine, usually people would use colourful language to describe what is happening, and some people react by reporting, so maybe I keep getting suspended for circumventing the filter, I don’t know.

Anyway, I’m still adamant to think that I want to disable the chat.