How to: Disabling Big Button Tech UI on buildings

When setting a civilization to civtype 1 or 2 (Lakota, Hauds, Aztecs, Inca, and the two Warchiefs campaign civs), the UI automatically reserves the final two columns on most buildings for the Big Button Tech. This will probably not come up too often as if you’re using one of those civtypes you’re likely wanting to use Big Button Techs, however it can cause chaos on certain buildings such as the Advanced Arsenal where techs get pushed off into the ether and it becomes detrimental to gameplay.


Fixing it is pretty simple and requires adding the DisableBigButtonUI flag to the building’s proto entry, which can be done a few different ways.

Additive modding will let you add the flag to the proto unit.

  <Unit name='Arsenal'>

If you want to disable it for a specific civ, or after a specific tech or card, you can use a ProtoUnitFlag effect to assign flagid 182 to the building. (This is used on the Gun Running Big Button Tech which removes the BigButtonUI from the Native Embassy after it is activated.)

<effect type="Data" amount="1.00" subtype="ProtoUnitFlag" flagid="182" relativity="Assign">
	<target type="ProtoUnit">Arsenal</target>

Finally, if there is a situation where you need to make a new copy of a building then don’t forget to add the DisableBigButtonUI flag to its proto entry.

While on the topic at hand, there is also an EnforceBigButtonUI flag, here you can see it added to a Barracks with five units which causes UI chaos. In theory there is probably a flagid for this flag as well so you could selectively enable it, but I don’t know where those are defined so it could be a bit of an endeavor to track that down as there’s potentially at least 240 flagids based on the ones used in techtreey.



Thanks for the little tutorial! Helps alot !!

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