How to execute for all conditions in a same trigger

I have 10 timers which are 5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50
for every timer one object say trebuchet must be created at a location and given a task to move away to a different location
But it only executes one time that is for 5 seconds if I use a condition seperator
Or it only executes one time that is for 50 seconds if I use a condition joiner
So how to execute for all timers and create 10 trebuchets?
I want all these in one or three triggers and I am stubborn to use 10 triggers.

You can’t. You need to use 10 triggers.

How about a looping condition separator?

What is looping condition seperator? I have checked one of your old suggestions conquerer you said assigning a variable to 1 and another trigger for selecting all and assigning another variable to 1 and lastly 3rd trigger to check if both variables are 1 then execute command, whether to display or in this case create trebuchet and move it

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I meant having all your condition woth a separator and making your trigger loop

you mean use you activate trigger?

its not working with activate trigger also

No, looping trigger

Nvm, I written 100 triggers , thanks btw for the replies!!

Next time you coyld use aoe2scenarioparser and automatize adding triggers

where is it available?

is it any runtime application? or script?

Python library to modify scenario files

I am not a coder I cant modify files. :frowning: