How to find graphics mods that ar not datamods (and making datamods work)

I’m replaying a lot of chronologically early campaigns, I’m looking for mods that change the architecture of the civs involved, mostly Goths, Magyars Huns and Byzantines to look more in line with late antiquity. The problem is most of these graphics mods are DATAMODS, and thus count as cheats. I found one ONE, the Viking Architecture mod, that was an actual replacer for central European architecture I can swap out as needed. THe only issue is the shrine

It’s these replacers I’m looking for, because datamods are considered cheats and they are all broken so I can’t even see what the author was going for. This seems to be fundementa to the Indian Dynasties DLC

To that end I would like to at least see what the architecture changes would be even I’m not going for achievements or gold disks. Can I uninstall Indian Dynasties somehow and restore functionality to these data mods? I don’t want permanent uninstallation or deleting the DLC from my Stem, just disable it and let these data mods work so I can at least see the buildings as the designers wanted them.

Or would that not work?
The mods in particular I want to see are
Europe and Central Asian architecture overhaul
Central Asian overhaul
Roman Antiquity

All are broken and won’t load without a CTD.As of now the only DLC I have is Indian Dynasties, not Lords of the West nor Dawn of the Dukes. Not sure it matters, info on needed DLCs if any is non existent.

Also if there are other graphic replacer mods for Western Europe that keep a dark age-ish look to them in the castle and Imperial AGes in the scenarios and camapigns before the 12th century, that would be great. Doesn’t have to keep official DE assets, just doesn’t have that high middle ages/Renaissance sheen on civs struggling with post Roman collapse from 500-1100

Thank you for your time

Also if someone has a

The data mods break because the civ count no longer matches between the datamod and the game. Unistalling DoI won’t fix it, the game has inherently had the number of civs increased to 42 now, and the datamods were all created when it still had 39, so they break unless updated since the DLC.