How to fix byzantine

We need more oil!!!

Trader need the french option where we an pick which resource will be the main resource BUT have th options ONLY BE
MAIN resource Gold
SECONDARY resource oil


MAIN resource oil
SECONDARY resource gold

Next mercenaries house contracts need the ability to discard a contract after it’s been established. To make it fair make the discard research time take 5-7mins without any cistern upgrades. Copy paste from aoe3 consultant building.

Following said change implement aoe3 native embassy for the merc houses. This means a house places near a neutral market grants you access to those special units at ALL merc house and NOT just th ones near said neutral markets.

Lastly the 3 food upgrades should also upgrade the amount of oil berries and farm generate by 10% additive to the inherent rates (20%+10%s for farms and 50% + 10%s for berries).

Again we need more oil!! Even if its at a cost to less standard resources because as is oil is highly inaccessible and even marketing gold for oil gets bad really reallly quickly.

OH and winery landmark needs attention. It doesnt do anything nearly as impactful as hippo.

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I think Cistern need to decrease costs or get a free Cistern at the beginning, the biggest problem of Byzantines is we need speed too much resources to build up water network , then Early games cannot produce enough units, resulting in a disadvantage.

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Maybe also make the build time of cisterns scale with the cost for example first cistern takes 20 seconds to build and the 5th takes 60 seconds to build. the scaling could work like this 20s,30s,40s,50s,60s

I find that the Byzantines are slow because they need to put a little more time deciding where to place buildings, and producing the cistern-aqueduct infrastructure takes precious time. The Grand Winery build is not initially impactful, and when it finally provides good benefits, it is sometimes too late. I think it should be easier to produce cheap mercenaries early in the game.

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One main issue about merc is that it come in batch and need 400+ of oil to purchase even cheapest batch, make it come too late or too small to be useful in early game.

Also, Feudal landmark isn’t powerful as other civs. Winery take time to be useful while Hippodrome is too predictable that opponent could prepared for it if scouted.

Well, one way to be more unpredictable is to go winery but go horseman raid (+gold vil kill) as horseman is heavy on food so push eco to heavy olive and try to call merc when oil enough.


Byzantine need the options to gather more oil as needed even if its it means you’re opting out of getting one of the normal resources.

I’ll explain. Currently all the ways of gathering oil ACTUALLY generate a higher resource yield than std civ gathering. And this doesnt include cistern buffs. Delhi and abbasid gather berries at a rate of 0.66 x 1.3 meanwhile byz gather a total resource from berries at a rate of 1.5× 0.66. And this is the case for all oil. Trade is the best bc it produces 4/3x std trader return.

But there is a catch; the portion of oil is still inefficient EARLY to make oil use versatile.

This is why i suggest dev give us options to swap the ratios or even collect exclusively oil. This was the concept in AOE3 African influence which is the exact same mech. Say we can push a big button and switch from 10f/2oil from farms to 10oil/2f from farms. Similarly with berries and fishes and trade. Heck they can make it a button on the winery!!

The only issue with making it winery specific is such a change would completely radicalize the byz playstyle dynamic so very early??? So it shouldn’t be a winery exclusive tech.

Alright here it is:

All mills and all markets and all fishing docks respectively will share 2 buttons. Oil Primary an Oil Secondary.

The default will always be Oil Secondary but once you click on the mill oil Primary all villagers on farms and berries will switch to gathering oil at the primary rates and food at the Secondary rates. Example from 10 food and 2 oil to 10 oil and 2 food fo farms. Likewise from 10 food and 5 oil to 10 oil an 5 food on berries.

Similarly markets when oil Primary is selected all trader bags will swap to mostly carrying oil and Secondarily carrying gold.

Lastly same mech with fishing docks.

Again mill buttons only influence berries and farms; market buttons onlt influence traders and dock buttons only influence fishing ships and fishing traders.

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I think main reason why dev don’t apply on this is that gold is finite unless trade and merc is almost all gold units (Except longbow and camel archer). Not all civs have way to generate gold / gold unit freely.

If done as you said, then post imp during trash wars, Byz would set all collect to oil and create huge amount of merc to win the fight.

It work in AOE3 due to infinite resource gather building, so all civs could get gold units easily.

One way for this to work is to make oil trade with other resources. Give good exchange at start but becoming worse as more and more trade occur. Then it wouldn’t become too powerful while make early game better.

There is a balance issue with my suggestion. My new byzantine would become the old old famriba build with an infinite resources that can field a complete army composition??? From the safety of your main. That’s not good for the game.

Traders and fishers and berries aren’t the problem because those have sufficient counter play but a defensive farm boom that’s akin to mali cow boom is bad for the game.

Here is the fix to my fix. Berries traders fishes still all obey my original scheme as each o those require you play the map. But farms when you select Oil Primary on the mill all farms will go from a 10 food to 2 oil ratio to a 4 food to 6 oil ratio. A slightly less productive rate overall and force more macro and expansion for sufficient wood to sustain the farm boom enough for food and oil.

One more way is to change some ways in cistern ability. Buff villager’s fighting isn’t that good as only work against spear (other units is too strong or easy to hit and run). Maybe make it work with military units too, or add/change to hp regen, make raid on villager harder while would be more useful.


Maybe the cistern ability should give villagers a movement speed boost or an attack bonus vs cavalry and spear brace

Perhaps make buildings in the Cistern aura take reduced torch damage.

I dunno, something water themed seems appropriate.

or maybe the cistern itself should have fire like 5 fire armor it is a stone building full of water after all.

OKAY having oil abundant and early will extremely simply the macro and dwarf the innate roster; conceptionally merc should SUPPLIMENT the Byz military…

HAVING SAID THAT. Please still give traders and mabye fishing boats?? the options to switch between higher source of OIL thru a GLOBAL; even if it’s a all fishing/traders button will generate more OIL and less of the primary resource. Fishing and Traders are very much exposed so this should be unbalanced.

Next, still add oil generation increases per food upgrade a +5/+5/+5 YIELD (25% from farms and 55% from berries; then 30% farms and 60% from berries; and last 35% from farms and 65% from non-existent berries)

lastly the Winery needs 2 buffs ONLY

  • Upon completion you will instant cache 400 OIL

  • Next the bonus farm/berries buff AURA will be the size of the Aachen Chapel.


Oh, and please please please please fix the issue where you can’t make unlocked mercenaries from ANY AND ALL your Merc houses. There is sufficient counter play; if the enemy destroys all the merc houses near the trade post you will INSTANTLY lose access to said units and your special units related will instantly get deleted from the training que.

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