How to fix issues with Skirmish AI on Steam that happen to some users

I fixed this issue only roughly. I haven’t subscribed any AI mod in the first place.

Step 1: Go to the AI folder

  • steamapps-common-AoE2DE-resources-_common-ai

Step 2: Open the “init.per2”, “units.per2”, and “buildings.per2” files

Step 3: Paste following phrases at the top of the files

(defconst watch-tower-building watch-tower-line)
(defconst rushprep-cost 385)
(defconst fiprep-cost 435)
(defconst flushprep-cost 460)
(defconst boomprep-cost 285)

Step 4: In the “units.per2”, make all the Burgundians and Sicilians parts blocked

(1) Press “Ctrl+F” and type “burgundians”
(2) Press Enter until you find “burgundians” with small letters, NOT capital letters
(3) Write ; at the beginning of each line in (defrule) groups that include “burgundians”

like this:

;;(or (civ-selected burgundians)
;; (civ-selected sicilians))
;; (goal uugoal no)
;; (goal palagoal no)
;; (goal cavagoal no)
;; (set-goal champgoal yes)); end jump

Do the same task with “sicilians”. It has longer phrases due to their Donjons and Serjeants.

Step 5: Enjoy the game…? (But still strange)

However, it makes Burgundians and Sicilians almost not available as a Skirmish AI.
Sadly, I don’t have any idea how to fix this.
Nevertheless, I found at least non-DLC civs work fine now.

Also, it makes all other AIs dumb and strange. For example, they don’t build two houses at first but just do nothing until they find sheep.