How to fix Otto?

I’m a big twitch and tournament match watcher. Often top players say Otto is bad and some even say he is garbage. I think it was because op units were destroyed in the definitive.
After Otto old age 3 Janiserry got nerfed. used to have 300+ health with upgrading in the 3rd era. In this way, he did not die with a single hit of the artillery. Now has 294 health and dies on 1 hit. Abusler decreased from 0.75 to 0.50 against artillery. Mamluks dropped from 5 to 4 and are still 1000 gold. This way its classic gameplay has been weakened and is weaker against artillery. villager training rate research cheapness works after 10+ minutes. This relieved the rotten otto economy. Don’t mess this up. But otto doesn’t have any op units. Abus(2 pop, no tc sub, no villager attack) has many weaknesses and requires separate barracks artillery place. Jans from a single barracks cannot be trained together. Jans were a special infantry with high health. Pls fix. Or lower his attack and make his health higher as before. Also, 15% artillery health in age 2 can be carried over to age 3 as 15% health + attack. For the long game, a solution to the abuses must be found. 4th age card or 3rd mosque card improvement may come. 1 area attack can come. Or 1 pop can be dropped. Finally, cavarchers villagers can upgrade 2x cards. It doesn’t work this way. 10% speed can be added. It is really bad as it stands because there is no op unit. Hazza and almost most top 50 say that. That’s how I usually see it in senior players and twich comments. I wrote down my ideas. What do you think can be done to fix the otto?


They seem ok to me. You have to guess whether you will be rushed or if they will ff. If you guess wrong it will be tough for you. They don’t need anything. You have to play the game off their tempo.

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Are you really complaining for -6 HP of the Jans?
I really expect that a Cannon can kill any infantry unit, otherwise is OP for me, and common!, hussars are strong, villares are free, Jans are still really strong and they even drop down the food cost a Little (5) and dont make me talk about the Great bombards they really came out from the factories really fast now!

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I think you dont play with Ottomans so you are okey with that. Ottomans only have Janisaaries. We cant train obus guns from Barracks. Obus guns can be artileery unit but they are also skirmish units bu we cant train them from Barracks. They are also expensive. Ottomans need less cost skirmish Unit. Ottomans dont have dragon cav type. Cav archers arent effective as dragon cav units. French have heavy cav Unit but Ottomans cant train Sipahi from stable. This is wrong. Ottomans need some love by devs.


8 villager shipment fortress age would be good enough, jans and abus are great units but it’s just hard for otto to get enough out with thier resource count, also ottoman ff was borderline OP back in vanilla when 5 mamluks has a thing so that definitely should not be reverted

One more thing, Otto was a good civ before maps with no tps were added to the map pool, so maybe that’s a good enough buff.

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Not -6 but -20 and barracks, natives, cards all upgrades increase over starting rates. That’s why its effect is more than 20 health. The price may have been reduced, but in this case, the jans become ordinary and otto does not have op units. And abus 2 pop(+10wood) and the problem of not being able to train from the barracks. Bad economy.( Compare with Spain Logistics rush.) There are many negative features. These need to be compensated. Also, resistance against artillery is important since it is usually played with jan + abus. This affected more than meets the eye. It needs strong soldiers as its economy is very bad in the 2nd era(48 sec 2x slow vills). In this way, there is no need for boring and risky build(10 min+) and can be played as standard. And builds remain an option. Now top players almost do not prefer Otto.

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I get that you want otto to be op so it’s in the club. Perhaps they will buff it and a few others rather than nerf the crazynes but aside from that there is nothing wrong w that civ either econ or military wise. Perhaps you only play team. I’m speaking from the perspective of 1v1 that being the only game I play

It is not about Ottoman being op. It is about equality. You can see that no body choose otto? Do you think why otto is the least preferable civ? I say, it is because otto is built weakest civ in the game . But in history Ottomans are stronger than sweeden, japan and most other civs.


1V1 tp+ sea map is mid level, if you don’t have Tp it sucks. treaty bad. Team garbage. I’m talking for 1v1 and it’s not good. In team games hazza and drongo are the worst civ on the tier list. Also on the hazza 1v1 tier list again the worst civ Otto. Are these coincidences? I think it will be similar for treay as well. It’s not fair to be the worst of them all. There are things that need to be fixed.

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Drongo put ottoman in A tier back when all the ranked maps had trade posts, I think it’s a simple solution to fix ottomans, another idea would be to increase the mosque cost but also increase xp trickle.

Ottomans economy in the game is bad. I think it doesnt work.

Perdon si escribo en español…

Y que tal si solo hacen que una vez investigues la mejora de los nizam i cedit… puedas crearlos en los cuarteles en la edad 4? ya que históricamente seria correcto debido a que después del incidente auspicioso del año 1826 los jenízaros dejaron de existir y los nizam los reemplazaron completamente


At that time it was definitively new and not fully resolved. Many later admitted that pro otto was bad. The tier list I mentioned is up to date. Even yesterday, hazza said otto was bad in the twich. Tp can also take other civilizations. It won’t work without 3 independents or 4 tp. These types of maps are not very common. Tp isn’t very op though. Because tp only saves the economy that sucks. 48 sec 1 villager is 2x slow. Porto 2 tc 25 sec in age 2. Also, although the soldiers are good, they are not ops and cannot compensate for this. 3- There should be no garbage on maps that are not 4Tp. Also the long game has 2 pop abus issues and no op units. If you watch Twich, most people say that this civilization is not good. There are some things that need to be fixed. Thanks for comment.

Yes, it did, but I think the date covered in the game is before this date.

It is good idea to train Nizam fusililer at age 4 from Barracks. Also İf we can train Sipahi from stables at age 4 and having new less cost skirmish Unit, it will be good.

si, y no al mismo tiempo, el juego abarca hasta los años de 1850 o 1870, las armas que usa estados unidos son ya de esos años y el que los otomanos puedan usar a los nizam seria justo y mas aun en la edad industrial.

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We write something some guys say it is not historical but usa has heavy artileery named miltralyöz it is historical and fair. I dont understand this. I also say that russia need buf and İnca and other native american civ need artilery age 4. If some civs are too strong and others are too weak there is no fun to play these civs because weak built civs cant win the game.

The only issue with otto is their very very very lackluster anticav.
Buff their irregulars card to Also give a better cav Archer and they will be fine


An additional feature for mounted archers can be added next to the card that increases 2x villager damage. Like 10% speed or attack.

You have deleted what you said about Europeans still fearful of the Ottomans?

the only thing I fear from an Ottoman is that he will make me a bad kebab.