How to fix Otto?

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Just comment on the game please. Can you delete your comment, thank you.

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Just comment on the game please. Can you delete your comment, thank youu.

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Im agree with a buff for ottos, probably they are tier C.

A few buff for jan, abus and/or archer cav, or rework/buff some military card.

Add 8 vills card is nice idea.

The idea at the mills create sipahis not bad.

But what I would like the most is if they added two cheap/trash units that fulfilled the role of skirmishers and cac anticav.

The biggest problem with otto is how easy it is to use due to the free colonists that allow you to save micro-control and focus more on the military aspect.

This makes it more difficult to balance otto, who should lose at the high level against another civilization that needs more micro control.


An additional feature for mounted archers can be added next to the card that increases 2x villager damage. Like 10% speed or attack.


Resume all they nerfed to Otto.
And eco civs are too strong now. It doesn’t matter Otto too much.

Ottomans should collect taxes from the villagers (ötv,kdv ne varsa artık)


I like the idea XD (hocam harbiden güleceğim yoktu.)

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Lol C tier where? “The build” is an economic powerhouse that makes them incredible. Of course you cant just spam jans vs skirms like some players do.

Why is this needed? You can send a TC wagon + make another and gain those 8 vils in an instant (provided you actually have researched the mosque upgrades)

Its actually horrible - Spahi are like very buffed cuirasseirs. Not only making them from mills would be bad as a game mechanic, but allowing mass training them would make Ottos too OP. Also it doesnt adress the MAIN problem which is the LACK OF ANTI CAV.

Best case i would say, train them at the Saloon. The Spahi politician could enable them at saloons + give some spahi.

Make abus cheaper or modify a card to make them cheaper in the fortress (like 40f 85g)
Give a buff to Cav archers altering the irregulars card to also buff their attack


I dont say we can train A lot of spahi. I say we can train sipahi with limited 20 number(of course with some cost) . This is not too much. Also every civ has dragon cav unit and dragon cav counter sipahi so training sipahi doesnt become Ottoman op.

This is a bad concept - the limited number of units. Its better to allow unlimited with restrictions on where to train and how to train (just like Nizam has).

I think that the Saloon would be better and it would make Spahi Fortress or Spahi Industrial very powerful.


its funny that with so many broken things in this game…

who thought nerfing otto military was a good idea?

janissary went from best musket in the game to mediocre at best to the civ that has the slowest boom and lack of anticav

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Good idea. In 200 pop wars, 2 pop abuses and weak cavarcher are serious problems. Abus is going to get cheaper, it should be 1 pop. If it will stay the same, its power should increase in long games. The 4th age card can be the 3rd mosque upgrade. Artillery nerfs can also be removed.


I agree with you. Considering that workers were trained in 48 seconds and 2 times slower than other countries (48sec), Jans should not have been nerfed. Also, worker training boosts were prohibitively expensive and cheapening it made sense. This has nothing to do with jans. If fast tc boom(8-9) is not done 13 it works after 14th minute. This made otto useful in the long game. Nerf should be removed and mosque discounts should remain the same. The Mamluk nerf was enough. Others are too much.

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I want to train Spahi from saloon but Sipahis arent mercenary units. Sipahis are land lords so if they can be spawned from mills, this is more accurate and historical. Also French can train heavy cav, but french arent op because of this. Ottomans used more heavy cav with their wars so getting spahis from shipment isnt historical and accurate.

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Millet System - 75w: Settler spawn time -5 seconds also Increase XP/rate from Mosque by 10%

Koprulu Viziers - 150w: Settler spawn time -5 seconds and also Increase XP/rate from Mosque by 20%

Grand Bazaar - 300w: Settler spawn time -8 seconds and also Increase XP/rate from Mosque by 30%

Topkapi - 200w 200g Increase Settler limit from 45 to 70 Moved to Commerce age

Palace Intrigue Card - Mosques build cost set to 150f+150w - Increases Mosque build limit by 3 and Trickle Rate can now be set to resources - Moved to Exploration Age

Janissary - 90f 25g - 2.5x vs Calvary in Melee Mode (like every other musket in the game)

Abus Gun - 50f 100g changed to 1 pop


what’s important is to make their unique aspects fun, desirable and intuitive to use rather than feel like a hindrance or overtly complex and confusing, such as instant gratification through several villagers when researching mosque upgrades and increasing the base villager cap to 40+20 per upgrade, and reverting the wood costs back to food.

reducing initial wood crates by 100 and adding a mosque wagon also helps to reinforce its usage and makes it easier for new players to understand what to do.

refreshing and expanding military options is important as well, such as adding new barrack units and cavalry archers in the commerce age as well as buffing and moving jans/abus to fortress age, and training grenadiers and abus guns from the barracks instead of the foundry.


that would be ideal… but in most of the patches the developers like to do things that involve less friction like adding more units to barracks and so on…

my suggest was simply and can fix otto map dependency… but for sure they need more than that IMO

I really like that someone else is thinking about making abus do 1 area dmg. <3