How to fix team QS

I think everyone is in agreement that the current team QS is not optimal and needs a major overhaul.

I think the 5 main issues are:

  1. Getting very uneven elo teams which makes up boring one sided games

  2. Higher chance of a game not loading and then and having to re queue. Just because 1 player couldn’t load in, 5 other players now have to restart queuing again, very inefficient and time waster.

  3. Players abusing civ combinations which leaves a lot of nasty taste to a lot of players.

  4. You have no idea how good or bad your team mates and opponents until u see them play. This is made worse by team qs elo random range being high which makes it difficult to strategize since u don’t know there skill level.

  5. Ppl that play team games enjoy the interactions with other ppl. Big part of that is the interactions and banter pre game. At the moment it’s non existent before the game which causes less interactions during the game.


Why don’t the QS just automatically creates a lobby game or takes u to an already existing team lobby game?

So when your waiting for other players, it’s similar to waiting in a casual lobby.

In this ranked lobby game, the game is the host, so no one player can kick out another player. The player also have the option to leave the game.

To kick out a player, it has to be a voting system, where >50% of the player in the lobby has to vote YES to kick out a player.

If u are kicked out it automatically takes u back to searching for another game (obviously the QS shouldn’t take u back to that lobby for a certain time).

If u do want to leave a lobby it gives u 2 options to either auto search another game or go back to multiplayer screen.

This solution combines the benefit of players self managing matchups, seeing the rank of other players and pre game interactions with the ease of QS searching a lobby with some consideration on elo for u.

Also it addresses the issue when a player fails to join it now doesn’t kick everyone out and having to restart another queau.

What do u guys think?

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The only good fix for team QS+treaty+dm involves removing quicksearch for it and adding ranked lobbies to replace ranked QS for these game modes. Not to suggest team games are less popular than 1v1 since even in this hellscape there are more active team players than 1v1 players in the last 30 days.

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I don’t mind them just implementing a lobby system to replace the QS (it’s a lot better than QS team currently) but I hope they add other features that would fix the issues the team lobby in legacy faced.

Things like host can put a filter on minimum ELO (to stop kicking new players off) and set map to competitive map (so team games just don’t become Deccan or GP)

I can’t really say I see how putting minimum rating filters would fix anything but seems to me that a lot of the time if you’re concerned someone might be too low you should check their deck and if it’s good then generally maybe you worried too much for nothing although if it’s bad you could give some instructions regarding how a better deck would look and tell them what to do during the game while resorting to kicking if they’re not malleable.

Anecdotally I’ve seen it help a lot both with other malleable people and myself when I’m the weak link quite significantly, for example I was maybe around 1st lt in sup, ended up playing a 2v2 with Osmane instructing me what to do while he was around Colonel and we ended up winning vs two people around his rank a couple years ago. In nr 20 I also ended up winning a similiar type of game vs a Colonel and Major while instructing a pretty malleable sergeant/maybe master serg granted that I had to outperform my usual play to some extent as well of course. Lots of similiar type of games involving lower rated player(s) but these were pretty good examples of how much of a difference some basic or slightly more detailed instructions could make. I think there’s a lot of opportunities to instruct lower players to get pretty fair games is the point I would like to hammer home though and you don’t really have the opportunity to do things like that in quicksearch.

Regarding maps I can’t say restricting choices like that would be good, I think people really value playing mainly on the maps they like to the point that I’d say it’s a part maybe even a large part of why the playerbase retention is so low right now and that it could be compared to the effect any one of these issues (bugs/queue times/unfair games/lack of functionality when compared to eso UI) has had on the playerbase. With that said I can’t say that I agree with your goal to keep these certain maps or any specific maps from being disproportionally played.

The idea to place a minimum filter is to minimise players being kicked out of games which leads to a very bad experience especially for newer players who might not understand rankings as well.

How many times in legacy do you get a newbie joining then being kicked out then joining again then typing ??

For locking in maps, the idea is to minimise a player abusing a map to inflate ELO. If they really enjoy playing a certain map they can just play casual lobby game.

Just want to bump this up to put this on devs radar for any possible future patches.

I really hope to spam team games again which is my favourite mode

why not keep QS, but also enable the lobby to contribute to rank?