How to genarate hash code for rms for resources.xml?

Hello, I am trying to modify the original yukon.xs. But after I edited it it goes out of sync after 10 seconds in lan with my friend. And I think it has somthing to do with the resources.xml file for rms. Since I edited the file how do I change the rmfilecrc or hashnumber to be for that file? PLS HELP.

You could do this using PowerShell.

First you need to know the used algorithm. CRC is usually MD5, but you can double check it using the hex byte length which resembles the used hash algorithm.

Get-FileHash (Microsoft.PowerShell.Utility) - PowerShell | Microsoft Docs

Thank you for your reply. Im looking for somthing like this map name=“yukon”>3236358852 map. I want change this (3236358852) for my rms. It can be found in the resources.xml.xmb

That number you refer to is not a familiar CRC hash to me. So it must be a different kind of hash used. It looks more like an big integer to me. Don’t know how they calculate that one. Maybe someone else knows this here, or you could ask the question in discord AOE forum below the modding section.