How to get back finished campains<

Can Anybody explain to me how I can get back my finished campaigns after reinstall?
I had several crashes (after new actualization) during the start of the game. It helpt me reinstall the game, but all my finished campaigns are gone. The campaign map is clear us like in a new one.
Is it some chance to get these things back?
I’m logged thru Microsoft store, Xbox console companion.

Check the folders with numeric names under “C:\Users\{username}\Games\Age of Empires 2 DE”

You can skip missions through cheat codes just type “I R WINNER” and you can skip campaign missions until you are on the one you want.

Thank you for the replay.

Yes, I can Check that, but what should I look for or use it?

Thank you,
I can unlock other campaigns, but the achievement is not counted.

Folders with numeric names are profile folders. Maybe you have several of them and one of them has your old progress. You could try switching them by renaming to see whether you can switch back to your old progress

Hi, Thank you that might be a good idea. Basically I understand, it but my PC skills arent that big to try it. I’m not sure which file or folder I should which, rewrite or rename.

Well, it happened again.
After Xbox console account synchronization all campaigns are lost.
WTF is still happening?