How to get rid of the shine effect of the main menu?

I mean that shiny effect that appears every two second or so across the main menu ribbons.

I’ve went through the xmla files and still can’t find where the effect is coded. Some help would be appreaciated. At least in what file I should look for it.

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Nevermind. I found it!

If someone is looking for the same sometime in the future: Just edit the “ribbon00_BBAA_blurmask” png file and erase the green and yellow bars. The shine will dissapear.

Nice find. Your Enhanced UI mod already does this? Or are you talking about the shine on the top left aoe2 logo?

With the enhanced UI I plain deleted the ribbon and the blurmask behind the shields and buttons, so there went the “shine”. However I’ve grown to feel it was kind of ugly, so I’m getting the ribbon back in a future update along with some minor changes.
The shine in the aoe2 logo seems to be hardcoded tho. I’ve already tried to get rid of it with no success.

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