How to give Mongols Steppe Lancer and stay balanced

I remember when an expansion pack used to add something to the existing RTS factions, as well as new factions. That was the case for Age of conquerors which added unique tech, and gave almost everyone halberdiers.

I was sad, when Rise of the Rajas didn’t update india with battle elephants, and equally sad that the Steppe Lancers was even more limited.

There aren’t many good reasons why some sort of historical representation of these non unique units couldn’t be more widely distributed, as long as the unit itself is well balanced.

That, and the fact that Imperial Camels should be a Saracen thing, not a India thing.

You don’t need to remove/add any unit to achieve the historical accuracy, just make some reskin is fine, we can see example like America Monks, Xolotl Warrior(reskinned Knights for America civs), also some unit like Eastern Warrior / Norse Warrior (reskinned Long Swordsman)in scenario editor, but we can’t use them in the standard game.

I was expected they will make a more reskinned unit like this, but I knew that is not something in first priority for game development. I hope they will update or make a DLC or something. (also a option to able or disable reskinned unit)

However, I am still agree to give Steppe Lancer to Mongols!

Ignore the historical reasons and focus purely on gameplay and game balance: and you will quickly realize that giving the steppe lancers to more civs is as silly as giving eagle warriors to more civs.

That has got to be the worst argument I have ever read regarding this topic.

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The clear point is that there’s no non-“historical” reason for giving other civs steppe lancers. I’m sorry if analogies fly straight over your head.

I understand the analogy. It was just a really bad analogy.

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